CAT Online Preparation – How to Prepare ?


Cat Online Preparation is a essential under the given circumstances for any student who aspires to be part of the elite lot that scores well in CAT. The fact is that since CAT has gone online, students need to prepare slightly differently for CAT.

Basic knowledge of Computer and good stamina of sitting in front of the computer screen are a good way to start your CAT online preparation and essential also. Given that the Cat exam is going to be of more than 2 hours, a student needs to be comfortable in front of the computer screen as part of his CAT online preparation strategy.

This begs us to ask a question – How to do this Cat online Preparation? Well, for starters, start giving Mock Cat online of some reputed instituted which provides coaching for CAT. This will allow you to assess you potential and let you gauge as to where you stand.

If you have enrolled for a test series with some cat coaching institute, then one thing is for sure that they will give you lot’s of question as short tests within the login window. It’s imperative that you take time out and practice on these short tests to compliment online preparation for CAT.


There are many other websites too on the Internet which offer attractive packages to students under online trading manual. There are coaching institutes providing online content to students for preparation and there are some independent bodies also.

When the test date for CAT is near, most of the coaching institutes and mock test or exam providers come out with several discount options to help the students in their CAT preparation. There are some websites like TestFunda which run scholarship program too for bright students with potential. One can make use of such opportunity to get such online preparation material for free too.

A good tip to share with students aspiring for CAT exam is that one can hold the mouse in opposite hand. Like if someone is right handed, holding the mouse in the left hand and operating it thus can help a student save some time as the right hand can be totally free and work continuously without any break. However, one would need to develop the habit of being online and preparing for this thing well in advance. The best judgment is of course, of the student itself.

Online preparation for CAT can also be given a boost by solving various puzzles and the likes on the Internet. There are plenty of sources available on the Internet that caters to such needs. One can utilize this to the maximum.

Reading on the computer screen as against the back drop of the paper can also be a big hindrance for students sometimes. One should try to read articles and newspapers on the Internet itself. This will help you in the VA section of the exam.


A not so bad idea would be to give the online MAT exam once before you give Cat. Though both these exams differ a lot in their structure and difficulty level, if you are a newbie some practice won’t harm your preparations at all.

Though Cat has changed in nature, it does not mean that you cannot adopt to the changes of the online format of CAT. Not only are there students who have done so but mastered this art too. If they can, so can you.

If you have any queries related to preparation or anything at all that you would like to know, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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