CAT Preparation – Exuberant OR Acerbating?


Cat Prep – A short two words that describe the life and history of so many people. These two words of Cat Prep make or break careers and impact the life of millions of students every year. But what is the importance of Cat prep that these two words are searched by every student that starts his or her preparation for Cat.

What is Cat Prep? To tell you the truth, Cat is not just an exam. If you find time and visit MBA forums on the Internet, you will find that Cat has a totally different meaning for some people. The Cat exam is in totally different spirit to many students who take this exam. It’s a journey that these students cherish and a journey that such students live.

On the initiation front, we would advise you to be part of such a student domain that thinks this way because then this journey for one of the most grueling exam becomes easier with time. You are able to take on the preparation for cat with a smile and enjoy this enigma.

There could be a question in your mind saying what is so special about this exam that Cat Prep becomes an enigma for students. The main reason is that it presents a chance to showcase your attitude and aptitude, both, at the same time. Unlike IIT-JEE where it’s more about aptitude, this is one exam that requires much more than just academic hard work on part of the student.

Further, how to prepare for Cat is one such portal that opens the gate of the best management institutes in the country. A good MBA degree from a good university means that you get a good start and all this starts with Cat prep. A competition that takes place amongst over 2 lakh students every year!

Essential Cues for Cat Prep

There are no substitutes for hard work, a boring and mundane line that you hear every time you initiate a new work or assignment. Same is the case with this exam but we like to modify cat preparation or cat prep slightly. Cat prep starts with prior preparation backed by ‘consistent, intelligent hard work.’

Obviously you would have noticed the two words i.e. consistent and intelligent hard work and let us just clarify this point a little more. Consistent means that you need to work continuously for this exam i.e. if you are working on remembering 10 words for your vocabulary then you better do it consistently or else you are going to forget these pretty soon. Cat preparation is hence, a continuous process.

Intelligent because you need to know what you should study as you will get lost in the maze. What kind of GK comes in a particular exam? Some give only static GK, whoa !! What if you read newspaper every day and expect to get marks in this section. You will be a total zero on the final day because there will be no current GK in that paper. This was just a small example. Likewise, you need to know that for Cat prep you should know what this exam all about is and how to go about it.


If you keep studying theoretical higher degree equations and the question comes from basic structural graph of quadratic equations then you may get stranded. Try to acquaint yourself about each and every aspect of this exam and work hard likewise.

An essential part of Cat preparation is also getting to know what your seniors did and if you can find some people who gave this exam or will be giving it again, then please go and meet them and remember, good answers start with good questions.

Try a good question with them like If you were to start your preparation again, one thing that you would do that you did not do? Or something like what is the perfect way based on your experience to start your Cat preparation? Try such questions and rest assured that you will get different answers from different people and the thing is that all these people will be correct to a large extent. What you need to do is process this knowledge to the best of your ability and act accordingly.

It takes two to tango..but more to form a team and try to form such a team. It gets easier when someone else is around you doing the same thing. Try to form a good study group for Cat preparation. Aim for the stars and you will land up well with your Cat prep.

If you have any questions or anything to say about cat prep, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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