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Cat Preparation books are vital for preparation for Cat and related MBA exams in India. The journey for CAT or any other management exam starts with preparation to clear the entrance test of various coveted institutes in the country. Without any exception, every MBA institute in India has rigorous mechanism for selecting the best candidates every year. To do well in such scenario, one needs to look various preparation books for CAT that the student can make use of.

Why are preparation books of CAT more important than any other books? The simple answer to this question is that CAT is the toughest exam (probably XAT too but that is not the point) for MBA admission in India. Not only is that, unlike XAT or FMS, the pattern of CAT exam similar to most management entrance exams in India.

Due to these two main points, the books for CAT preparation gain substantial value over other management books. Further, CAT is an exam that stresses a lot on the fundamentals of a student and CAT preparation books become vital for any MBA aspirant.


The most basic option for any MBA aspirant is the material for preparation that is provided by various coaching institutes of the country. One of the best sources to get these books for free is to start early and catch hold of an ex-student of one of the main coaching institute. The pattern of CAT does not evolve sharply and with CAT going online, this pattern is set to stabilize even further and old material books can do a good job for sure. If you cannot arrange CAT preparation books like this then you can opt to go for correspondence courses offered by these coaching institutes.

Though most students know about the material that is being provided by the coaching institutes in the country, the fact that most students are not aware of is that certain companies that solely exist online also provide comprehensive material for CAT preparation. One such company is TestFunda which provides quality service to all the students.

The best part of TestFunda is that you can get their material in online and offline format, as per your convenience. Another good source of online material for students is TotalGadha which has some very good e-books for students. All are of top notch quality. Besides that, TotalGadha also has exclusive CBT club for students who wish to prepare online.


Apart from these CAT preparation books there are some other choices available with the students such as Arun Sharma books which are of really really good quality. We are not using “really” twice just for the heck of it. His stuff is indeed rocking and his advice of CAT preparation is worth your time.

Students can combine one or more such sources of CAT preparation books to complement their studies. The best choice can only be made by the student depending on the time he or she has up their sleeve.

If you need any help on any assistance on CAT preparation books. Please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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    Cool resource

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      I need a best consultant book for cat which can help me to prepare for entrance in six months along with complete syllabus.

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