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Cat Test Paper

Cat test paper is an essential element for studies of any student preparing for the MBA exams in India. As the days of the cat exam come nearer, the cat test papers demand increases. In fact, you can find any student who is seriously preparing for Cat going through these papers again and again to familiarize himself with the general feel of the paper.

Why is CAT test paper so Important?

Cat test paper is important for the fundamental reason that practice matters and good practice matters even more. These papers are helpful for students who want to give it their best shot in CAT. Through these question papers for CAT, students are able to get a general feel for the CAT exam and able to find a stronghold on the final day. It is a misnomer that Cat changes every year; it does but not as much as one would generally relate to. Cat changes only marginally and hence the previous year paper of Cat become very important from the perspective of the examination.

How to use a CA T test Paper?

The best way to use a cat test paper is to solve it just like you would do on the final day. Yes, it is a well known fact that CAT is an online exam but very few students know this fact that there are certain websites which give these papers in the online format for students to take a shot at. If you want, you can take a shot at these papers.

There are various ways to read your results. If you are giving this test in the online format, then there would definitely be sources which will give you a detailed analysis of your performance and you can compare the actual cut off of that year to get an idea of where you stand. This can also help you in filling up forms for various B-schools.

Like a person who is scoring 60%ile (after his full preparation and without bias etc) should not waste money on B-schools in the 99%ile range. That would be shear waste of money. Though, miracles can happen but only with hard work. 🙂

Where to get CAT test Paper?

One such website which allows you to take these tests for free is TestFunda. You just sign up for them and log in to their free section of material and you can easily give a test. Make sure you have a good internet connection while you tackle that paper. If you are a paid student on TestFunda, then you may be able to give all the CAT test paper of previous year too.

Just check it up but you can definitely give at least 3 right now for free as per our knowledge. There are some sources which provide this paper for money. We would rather recommend you get these from a friend who is a student in a coaching center than buy a previous year cat test paper online. Your money is precious; you better save it for good stuff and offer buy us a beer if we meet some day. 🙂 🙂

If you have any questions related to Cat test paper, leave a comment below and we will get back to you. !!

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