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CMAT Exam Quant and LR Section Books and Tips

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Quant & DI for CMAT Exam

Most of the questions in this topic come from Arithmetic operations and Modern Math. A student should have a thorough command over the basics and proficiency in solving the problems from Time and Distance, Geometry, Numbers, Profit and Loss, Simple equations and Time and Work.

In order to solve Data interpretation, the student must work to improve his calculation speed and efficiency.

Quantitative aptitude/Data Interpretation

  • Try to get your hand on a variety of Quantitative aptitude questions before you attempt the CMAT. Check out the sample papers and note down the type of questions being asked in the exam.
  • Over the past years, it has been seen that modern math and arithmetic operations cover a large part of the section; therefore students must try to solve a multitude of questions from such topics.
  • One of the key skills in solving Data interpretation is to the knowledge of Ratios, Percentages, Square and cube roots, etc. on your fingertips. The faster you are with your calculations, the lesser the time required to solve each question.
  • With respect to Data Interpretation, CMAT mostly gives questions related to single and multiple bar graphs. Pie charts are rarely given but MBA exams are known to be full of surprises, so don’t go into the exam hall with a predetermined mindset.
  • Therefore, the more familiar you are with various types of question types, the easier it will be for you to handle surprises on the exam day.
  • Book Recommendation: Check Out Books for CMAT Over here

Logical Reasoning Section for CMAT

Logical Reasoning (LR) Section 

This section contains topics from arrangements (linear, seating, sequencing and arranging with conditions) to coding. The important questions that cover most of this section come from Puzzles, Statements and conclusions, Cause and effect, assumptions and conclusions and missing term in the figure.

Logical Reasoning

  • Regular Practice is the only thing that can make you good in this section. “Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation” by Arun Sharma is a good option.
  • You can also try to solve the Logical Reasoning papers from previous SNAPSRCC and FMS exams. The questions in these exams resemble a lot in what you can expect in the CMAT paper.
  • Book Recommendation: Check out the books for CMAT over here. 

We strongly recommend that you read our article on CAT quant and LR preparation as those might prove to be really helpful.  

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