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CMAT Verbal Ability and GK Books and Preparation

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Verbal Ability and GK Section of CMAT

Verbal ability/ Language Comprehension: This section contains questions from parajumbles (that are comprised of 4-5 sentences), fill in the blanks, identification of word meaning by selecting correct synonym and antonym, idioms, sentence correction, identification of correct sentence etc. The reading comprehension passage is not too long but is definitely very important.

  • To prepare yourself for verbal, get in the habit of reading novels daily. There is no shortcut for this preparation but if you do it regularly, you will be easily able to crack any Management competitive exam.
  • Questions from Antonyms and Synonyms are asked in CMAT, so one must have a good understanding of word meanings. In order to do that, students can either prepare a list of words they daily find in newspapers and novels and cram them. Students must also take help from websites like
  • Practice a lot of reading comprehension, which would be there in any preparation book.
  • Further, lots of reading of novels, preparing the word meaning from barrons word list are going to be really handful in overall preparation.

General Awareness

  • Every CAT, XAT, MAT aspirant will be preparing for Logical Reasoning, Verbal and Quantitative techniques, therefore it is safe to say that General Awareness is the key to unlocking the doors of CMAT.
  • In order to prepare for general awareness, students should develop a daily habit of reading the newspaper. I recommend “The Hindu” or “The Indian Express” for MBA aspirants. These papers have extensive coverage on national and international matters; also their editorial sections are pretty vast and are written in a high-quality standard that can help the students in their preparation of Verbal ability section as well.
  • Read and understand the important terms used in economics and banking and follow a weekly or fortnightly business magazine to stay updated about the latest happenings in this field.

As I have mentioned above, General awareness is the crucial key to cracking CMAT. If you know the answer to this section, you can very well complete it in less than 15 minutes. As such, you will have almost 165 minutes to solve the other three sections.

The general awareness section for any exam is a tricky proposition as theoretically, it has infinite syllabus.

However, if you are able to tackle this section, it can prove to be very productive. The reason is – this section takes very less time and can still give you the same marks as other sections.
There are two components of GK i.e.
  • Static GK
  • Current GK
Static GK contains questions which are based on knowledge which is static for e.g. When was Indus Valley Civilization Evacuated ? This data will not change as we know the person who found out about it. However, a question like – Who is the president of France? This falls under the purview of current GK.
Important Tips
For preparing current GK, newspapers, magazines and other mass media which keep you updated with the happenings of the real world are the best and the only option. In certain cases, you can find question papers on current GK online which can help you increase your domain knowledge. 
A Cheap book For GK
For static GK, it is best to pick up any book of Arihant, Like the One Over here (its just 25 rupees) and learn it by heart. Not only would it be helpful in this exam, but also in Bank PO and other exam of similar nature.
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