For CAT Takers Still Studying – Here’s a Tip !!

This is not about staying relaxed etc etc. We know you are old enough to know all about staying calm and everything else.

So here is the tip

Start solving old CAT exam paper questions again if you have done it already or just start doing it if you haven’t till now. No matter from which preparation provider or books you have referred to, it would be beneficial if you solve actual question papers of the CAT Exam. The section most important for this would be LR DI(the actual CAT exam level is slightly lesser now than what it used to be).


So just go out there, solve some old question papers (you can get ’98-08 year exam paper online easily, like over here) so that you orient yourself with the actual exam questions. Don’t get disheartened if you are not able to solve some questions. Just keep calm and chive on !!

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