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Forget HRM, Applied Human Resource Management Is What You Need

Applied human resource management is what you need

Forget HRM, Applied Human Resource Management Is What You Need

Human resource management is a department in any organization or a company that takes care of its employees. The responsibilities of a human resources team include recruiting, training, development, and management of employees to make them fit according to the needs of the organization.

Whereas, applied human resource management describes aspects such as the employment relation, applications of concepts and strategies of HRM and employee relation in current corporations.

Applied Human Resources Management

Experts in applied human resources management possess skills that make them different. This program is offered by many institutions and is usually a year long. This program offers specialized training related to human resources, strategies for recruitment, selection, hiring onboarding, talent hunting, training and maintaining of employees, etc.

Main outcomes of Applied HRM

  • Analyze some important key factors of human resource and employee relation critically.
  • Assignment of prolonging projects are easily handled through applied human resource manager to gain better results.
  • Evaluation and application of data used to get information about problems and its solutions regarding human resource and employee relation. 

 Why Applied HR Management has become the topic of interest in India?

  • HR managers are required in every company regardless of the industry or its size; they are found everywhere. They screen potential candidates and take care of employees in every aspect.
  • They develop the HR policy and make sure of its implementation in the department. Basically, an organization cannot function without a Human Resource Management team to support it.

An individual equipped with a degree in Human Resources will usually begin his career as an HR Generalist. An HR Generalist is someone who handles a variety of responsibilities at the same time and needs to multitask.

  • Whereas, an HR Specialist is someone who has a specialization in a particular area related to HR; for example, training and development, compensation and benefits, etc. Smaller companies usually have one or two HR Generalists while bigger companies tend to have a number of HR Specialists.
  • Shifting from HR Generalist to HR Specialist is fairly easy. Since HR is in high demand and required in almost every industry, a career as a Human Resource expert holds a good promise.
  • Growth in the HR field is quite prevalent and one can even move from company to company as there is ample scope in this field. As HR manager ranks get the promotion, he becomes a staffing director who takes care of all the responsibilities of an HR manager.
  • Different ranks of HR manager include technical recruiter, compensation manager, employee relation manager, Director of HR training and development.
  • Per annum range of salaries are given to HR managers in India from a fresher to a director considered as highly paid.

Why you need a degree in Applied Human Resource Management

  • A degree in Applied Human Resource Management will equip you with all the nitty-gritty of human resources. It will make you ready to work in the industry as an HR expert. A degree will equip you will all the skills that an ideal HR manager should possess.
  • Applied Human Resource Management degree will prepare you and develop skills in you that go way beyond your workplace. You’ll be equipped with skills like decision making, budgeting, enhanced communication, negotiation, etc.
  • Career path towards HR director starts when choosing the field of graduation. Relevant fields or general human psychology is a better option to understand more about people. Human resource is a field of basic understanding of humans. A postgraduation with a specialization in Applied Human Resource Management should be helpful for anyone aspiring to pursue a career in the HR area. Metro cities have a lot to offer in this area. In fact, there are lots of great colleges for applied human resource management as well as in other cities. Pursuing a degree in Human Resource Management from reputed universities in major cities will help any aspirant get their career started in Human Resource Management.
  • So, anyone looking to pursue a career in this field should get a degree in Applied Human Resource Management. 

What does Mumbai offer to HR managers? 

Different well-known companies that work as HR management groups are the main welcoming platform for HR managers. These companies provide various aspects of HR solutions to almost all over India. There are various top-level companies, not just in Mumbai but all over, where one can work after completing a degree in Applied Human Resource Management.


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