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GMAT Book Kaplan vs Princeton Review

GMAT Book Kaplan vs Princeton Review

GMAT Book Kaplan vs Princeton Review

It is said that real money is in business. A simple job only gets you enough salary to tend to the needs of your regular life.

On the other hand, a business enables you to earn years of salaries in one month once it is stable. That said, starting and running a business is no piece of cake. It has a high reward to offer, but it also includes high risk.

This is the reason why many youngster choose to study business for their higher education. Even if they don’t start a business of their own, they can help other people start and operate their businesses and get highly paid for it. 

If you want a business education, you need to learn from the best. Simply attending classes and submitting useless assignments that have no real-life application is nothing more than a waste of time.

That’s why everyone wants admission to the best educational institute. The problem is, good business schools don’t give admission to everyone.

They have strict criteria that everyone must pass before they are eligible to even apply. It is in the next phase that they conduct interviews and shortlist candidates according to the available seats. 

The first and most difficult part for many students is the GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test. This test has become a prerequisite for all students who want to get admission in business-related courses.

It’s not an easy test and requires every student to have strong concepts of their field. The test comprises writing, quantitative, analytical, and verbal and reading skills in the English language. 

The quantitative part of GMAT is considered the most difficult of all. Students have to enroll in academies and other classes and study day and night for months to prepare for this test.

While there are many institutes that offer GMAT classes, Kaplan and Princeton Review are considered best among all. 

Kaplan is an education company that sells services like video and live lectures with handbooks and certifications to students, colleges, and universities.

It was founded in 1938 and has been doing a fabulous job for nearly a century. Different organizations have different opinions. While Princeton may be considered better by some of them, Kaplan edges out Princeton’s review in these rankings. It charges about $1000 for its services and offers 18 hours of online live instructions with two books. 

On the other hand, Princeton Review is a much younger but well-established college admission services company that offers tutoring and test preparation services.

Its GMAT course includes 24 hours of live instructions with one book. It charges about $100 more than Kaplan, but it also has more live instructions and on-demand videos. 

  • Kaplan offers 3 hours of one to one instructions, which gives it an edge over Princeton Review.
  • Princeton Review offers nine full-length tests, and Kaplan offers ten full-length tests. 
  • Kaplan also has an official test day experience in which the students go to a near center to take part in a real-world test. 
  • Kaplan gives you over 3,000 questions with explanations, and Princeton Review offers 83 adaptive drill videos comprising more than 3,000 questions. 
  • Both test preparation services guarantee higher results and access to their mobile applications. 

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