How to Prepare for CAT Exam

Prepare for CAT

This is a very common question asked by students across the nation when they start their preparation for one of the toughest exams in the world. But there are always some mixed answers that are thrown towards the student. There are so many parallel thought processes working together that it becomes very easy for a student to get confused.

Then, under these circumstances, what is the best way to prepare for CAT. How to prepare for  CAT and get into an IIM? Let’s analyze this statement a little better or rather more deeply.

Consider you ask all the pass-outs or the so called “best brains” that cracked this exam the secret to success then you can broadly classify their answers into two parts based on our experience.

The first part are the IITians or the so called gifted people who have the Quant and DI/LR fundas in their back pockets and just work on English and get through CAT. We agree that this is not a specific scenario but a general one and we hope you are dancing to the tune which we want to convey.

Then there are the second varieties, the average brainers or the category where most of us fall into. How can a person of such domain compete with the gifted and beat them in their own game. That is precisely how we answer the question of How to prepare for CAT?

Now, apart from quite a few differences there are some common facts that overlap both these types of varieties. The first fact is that no matter which side you are on, you need to work hard. Period.

Second, you should have the desire to be in IIM (this is common to all the 2 lakh people who sit for the exam) and more importantly you should believe in this fact without even a scintilla of doubt that you deserve to be amongst the best and you can actually achieve it.

Read the last sentence of the above paragraph again, it is a common fact that once a student starts his or her preparation, everything seems cool and IIMs are seen to be the goal but as the due date for the exam gets nearer instead of this passion increasing, the mind starts occupying itself with thoughts about second string, third string (and so on) type of colleges and ultimately these people land up in the fourth or the fifth tier of colleges. Now that’s pitiful….

Someone said that the difference between the possible and the impossible lies between a man’s determination and this forms the backbone to the answer of how to prepare for cat.  Now after enough of the background gyaan…let’s look into the stark reality and the course of action to follow:

Firstly, try to give CAT before you try to crack CAT. Now, you would know what this means. Give it your best shot at the first attempt but we advise you to prepare a little. How much exactly? Enough that you may know answer the basic questions like  – Was the paper tough or easy? What should be the expected cut off and the likes. Try to gain from this experience as much as you can and this can go a long way in cracking you CAT exam.

Next, start early and clear up your basics. It is necessary to know that it is not necessary that you follow the approach that your coaching institutes follow…chart you own path unless or until you need coaching dearly for any subject.

Now, if you are taking coaching then before going to the class, you should already have covered the chapter yourself at least once and the class should be a kind of revision for you. After the class is over, visit you notes at least once in the next 24 hours and once again in a week and once more in a month and once more within 6 months at least. Apart from that, read your notes every time you start doing specific practice exercise of that chapter. This will boost your learning capacity tremendously and help you imbibe the subject being taught better.

Preparing For CAT – More Information

Please do not give mocks just for the sake of giving them. Analyzing your Mock performance is die hard essential to success in eliminating your weak spots and that is crucial like hell. Do not take your mock scores too seriously as the level of most of the mocks is quite high as compared to the actual exam (based on our personal experience).

Get in the habit of concentrating for long stretches. You need to have a high concentration level for cracking CAT as you need to show competency in all the three sections equally. Practice a lot on computer especially DI/LR as it becomes really hard sometimes to get a hang of the data easily on the computer.

Also, do not follow the rules set by others. See, what we have written is general in nature and if someone told you that he studies 3-4 hours in a day for 3 months and cracked CAT and he had 90% in 12th and you have 91% does not mean that you will also be able to crack CAT. Set your own guidelines. Listen to everyone, do what your heart tells you. This will give you the best answer with respect to how to prepare for cat.

Do what is the best for you and only you can decide that. There are various resources and preparation tips mentioned on the Internet, on our website, on Pagalguy and many others. Read, read a lot and learn at every instant from all this and then incorporate a strategy of your own. This is one reason why we told you to give one bluff CAT i.e. an actual practice CAT exam (legally).

Know your strengths and back yourself to the last pinnacle and finally PEAK ON THE FINAL DAY…this is crucial. Give it your best on the final day..and remember it’s humans who study at IIM BLACKI and you are one too and when they started, even they did not know how to prepare for cat. Just go there and do you thing !!

If you would like to ask any questions on how to prepare for cat or discuss a related topic then please leave a comment below.

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