How to Select CAT Exam Date 2012

The CAT 2012 has a longer windows than last time. A simple trick while selecting your date can help you a bit in your preparation.

As you would be knowing, there are teachers, serial cat takers giving CAT each year. Also, normalization is done by Prometric on slot wise and at pan exam level. Hence, selecting a good slot can help you to some extent. So which slot to take –

  • Do not take holidays/weekends – Serial CAT takers, office goers would normally choose these days.
  • Do not take initial days – Coaching institutes, other teachers give exam on this day. This percentage is very very small but every point counts.
  • Go for a weekday, a normal day at the later stage of the exam window.

Though many people would consider it a negative attitude, I would say that even if it helps you 0.01%, then what’s the harm. Logically, it should help you.


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