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IIM Distance Learning Education 

Let us get our facts straight in the first place.Distance MBA from IIM does not even exist, neither are the courses offered via distance mode equivalent to MBA. What IIMs do offer are certain programs via distance mode.

There is no better way to prepare yourself for top-level management roles within the business environment than to develop expertise in both business and ethics.

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An advanced degree gives you the opportunity to achieve just that. IIM Distance Education programs enable you to gain a broad understanding of business and earn a degree without disrupting your work or family life.

The programs offer many ways that you can advance your career by equipping you with the entrepreneurial mindset crucial to the attainment of set goals.

In many respects, IIM distance education programs serve as a bridge to the business world by giving you a taste of the business realm through a myriad of business-related activities.

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) comprises a chain of 20 colleges registered under the Societies Act.

These highly revered institutions offer post-graduate programs in management (an equivalence of MBA), Fellow programs in management, which is equivalent to a Ph.D., Executive MBA, as well as industry-based courses.

The reason for the title difference is that Societies are not allowed to award degrees. However, an IIM bill has been proposed, which should see these institutions start granting universally recognized degrees.

Currently, the following IIMs offer distance programs

  • IIM Lucknow
  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • IIM Calcutta
  • IIM Rohtak
  • IIM Bangalore
  • IIM Kozhikode
  • as well as IIM Indore

teamed up with education companies like TalentEdge, NIIT Imperia and Hughes and Global Education to offer distance education programs for career professionals.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for these courses? 

Depending on the particular course that you wish to pursue, the eligibility criteria would always be different. However, a general overview of the eligibility criteria is mentioned below for further perusal.

IIM courses are intended for working professionals. As such, your eligibility for any course depends on the number of progressive work experience that you have. Here is what you should know:

  • Junior level program: the junior level program is designed for individuals with at least one-year working experience.
  • Senior level program: to enroll for the senior level program, you will need to have up to 10 years work experience.

It is evident from the above that the course you can join depends on the work experience you possess.

What is the Fee for These correspondence courses? 

The total fees at these institutions vary depending on the college you are applying to.

IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore open and customize long duration programs (LDPs) with the following fee structure:

Program Title Fee
Executive General Management Program 6,25,000
General Management Program for Aerospace and Aviation Executives 6,60,000
Business Analytics and Intelligence 6,50,000
General Management Program for Healthcare Executives 5,53,000
General Management Program for Young Leaders 3,00,000
Big Data Analytics 5,75,000

IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad marks its entrance into the distance learning space by offering an ePost Graduate Program (ePGP). The program fees include:

Purpose Fee (Rs. lakhs)
Application Fee 2,000
Program Fee 17,00,000
Registration Fee 42,500

IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta offers a program that is designed to meet the needs of working professionals by offering both general management programs and functional programs. The fee captured below is for the general management programs.

Program Title Fee
Executive Program in Business Management – International (EPBMI) Program Fee – 6.5 lakh
Executive Program in Global Business Management (EPGBM) Total Program Fee – Rs. 4,11,440
Senior Management Program (SMP) Total Program Fee – Rs. 5,13,100
Executive Program for Young Managers (EPYM) Total Program Fee – Rs. 2,44,260
Executive Program in Business Management (EPBM) Total Program Fee – Rs. 4,13,000

IIM Kozhikode

Program Title Fee (Rs. Lakhs)
Finance for Non-Finance Executives Residential: 45,000
Non-residential: 36,000
Advanced Financial Statement Analysis for Decision Making Residential: 45,000
Non-residential: 36,000

IM Lucknow

Program Title Fee
Working Manager’s Program (WMP) Program Fee: Rs. 4,52,500

IIM Rohtak

Program Title Fee
Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives(ePGPx) Total Program Fee – Rs. 6,25,400

IIM Indore

Program Title Fee
Post Graduate Diploma in Management for Executives in Mumbai (PGP-MX) Total program fee – Rs. 17,70,000
Post Graduate Certificate Program in Finance (PGCPF) Program Fee – Rs. 3,42,200
Post Graduate Certificate Program in Investment Banking (PGCPIB) Program Fee – Rs.3,00,000

How to apply for these distance programs?

Candidates are required to take Executive Management Aptitude Test (EMAT) followed by Personal Interview. Normally EMAT & Interview will happen on the same day and candidates will be called for EMAT/Interview. Candidates who do not attend the EMAT/Interview as per schedule communicated will not be considered for further selection process.

The Institute reserves the right to decide a cut-off mark based on the total number of candidates, average marks scored or any other factors as may be relevant.

Candidates who are found eligible to apply & successfully gone through the selection process will be provisionally shortlisted for the program & offer letter will be issued.

Admission to the program is subject to acceptance of offer letter and payment of fee applicable.

IIM Bangalore

To apply for IIM Bangalore distance education programs, go to http://www.iimb.ac.in/eep/catalog?Ref=undefined, then click on “Long Duration Programmes,” select your preferred course to proceed and apply.

IIM Ahmedabad

To apply for the IIM Ahmedabad ePGP program, go to https://www.iima.ac.in/web/epgp/apply/apply-online.

IIM Calcutta

Those who wish to apply to the IIM Calcutta distance education program can do so by visiting https://www.iimcal.ac.in/ldp/general-management-programmes. Next, select your preferred course and scroll down to the “How to Apply” option.

IIM Lucknow

Working professionals who wish to attend IM Lucknow can apply to the school’s Working Managers’ Programme at http://www.iiml.ac.in/?page_id=2266.

IIM Rohtak

To apply for IIM Rohtak’s Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives(ePGPx), visit http://apps.iimrohtak.ac.in/EPGPxLogin.aspx to begin a new registration and proceed to fill out the application form.

IIM Indore

If you want to enroll in any of IIM Indore’s distance education programs, go to https://www.iimidr.ac.in/executive-programmes/, then choose any course you wish to attend. Proceed to the course page and select the “Admission” option. On the admission page, click the “Apply Online” option hyperlinked in blue. You should be redirected to a page where you can register.

IIM Kozhikode

To apply to IIM Kozhikode distance education programs, go to https://www.iimk.ac.in/academics/mdp/MDPOnlineRegistrationSystem/index.php to create an account and complete the application process online.

Further Details For Students to Consider

  • The classes are conducted via the online media using both visual and video modes.
  • You need to do certain courses online and some of these at the campus itself.
  • You can pursue these courses alongside your job.
  • Grilling sessions at the IIMs in the distance courses are quite common and the content of the course is very good.
  • The courses are conducted via the Hughes Global Education Network. They are the trusted partner of IIMs for conducting classes.
  • Recently, IIM Lucknow is also following the path and offering distance education to students. You can read about IIM Lucknow Distance MBA over here

Courses Offered Via Distance Mode To Students Include 

Just like the other two IIMs, IIM Banglore coordinates, and entrance test, Interview and demands work experience.

Is This Course Right For You?  

IIM courses are great for individuals who are looking to assume leadership and management positions in various organizations or build their own business.

The program also offers you the chance to meet and build relationships with some of the best business minds in India and indeed the world.

The courses are expensive. But in our opinion, they represent good value for money.  In a crowded marketplace, IIMs distance education help to set you apart from the competition, considering how much employers value business degrees in today’s corporate world.

Frequently asked questions about these IIM programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is IIM distance education program?

A: IIM distance education programs are part-time professional programs at IIM that are designed for busy professionals.

Q2: Can I pursue these courses alongside my job?

A: Yes, you can learn at your own pace while still pursuing your career.

Q3: Are IIM distance education recognized as an MBA program?

A: Yes, although the titles may vary by institution, Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives is recognized as equivalent to an MBA degree.

Q4: Who should apply for the IIM distance education program?

A: Working professionals who want to advance their career while working.

Q5: Must I have working experience before I can apply for IIM distance education?

A: Yes, you will need at least one year of working experience to enroll in the junior level program, while the senior level program requires up to 10 years of working experience.

Q6: What is expected of would-be IIM distance learning students?

A: Potential IIM distance learning students are expected to register for the program, complete a Common Application Form (CAF), after which they will sit for an aptitude test. Upon successfully gaining admission, students will need to complete coursework, pass exams, and do publication research that is up to the required standard.

Q7: How rigorous are the courses?

A: IIM distance education courses are very demanding, although highly flexible. The programs require a high level of academic commitment and the schools take a disciplined approach to ensure adherence.

Q8: What is the selection process?

A: Applicants are granted admission depending on their profile and performance on the aptitude test.

Q9: What is the program duration?

A: Program length varies depending on the institution you are applying to. However, a majority of the programs are done over 12 months while schools like IIM Ahmedabad allow you to complete the ePost Graduate Program in as much as three years.

Q10: Do IIMs provide placement support/career services for distance learning education programs?

A: The institutions do not provide placement support or career services for distance learning programs.

Q11: What are the documents I need to provide during registration?

A: You will need relevant examination and degree certificates of your:

  •     SSC/SSLC/Matriculation/Secondary School

Bachelor’s Degree

  •     PUC/Intermediate/Higher Secondary School
  • Master’s Degree
  • CAT/GMAT test scores, if applicable

Other documents you will need include appointment letter, last salary slip, recent passport size photograph, etc.Note that requirements may vary depending on the institution you are applying to.

Q12: Is there any scholarship for the IIM distance education programs?

A: There are no scholarships available.

Q13: Are there any requirements concerning class attendance?

A: For most institutions, the minimum attendance criterion ranges from 75% percent to 80 percent for each course.

Q14: Can I pursue IIM distance learning programs from outside India?

A: No. IIM distance learning programs are provided via designated classroom centers in different parts of India and are only facilitated by education companies like TalentEdge, NIIT Imperia, and Hughes and Global Education.

Q15: Will program participants be considered bonafide students of their respective colleges?

A: Yes. Participants enjoy the same privileges as full-time students, including alumni status.

Other Options For Students 

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