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IIT Bombay Data Science Course, Python Course( and more)

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IIT Bombay Data Science Course

IIT Bombay Artificial Intelligence Course and More

IIT Bombay Data Science Course Details
Course offered Minor in AI and Data Science and Inter-Disciplinary Dual Degree Programme (IDDDP) in AI and Data Science
Stream Data Science & Analytics
Duration 1 Year
Fee of course (INR) 190,000
Accreditation IBM, NAAC
Entrance exam No
Work ex required No
Eligibility Students undertaking a degree BTech degree. For more details, read the eligibility section of the article.
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IIT Bombay is an established institution that was founded in 1958. It is recognized as an Institute of National Importance.

The institution has a sophisticated infrastructure that encourages a practical approach to all programmes. It has produced industry leaders in management, technology, and engineering. As such, its Data Science programme is among the best in the market!

Course Offered at IIT Bombay

1. Minor in AI and Data Science

Course Objectives 

This programme aims at equipping professionals with AI, ML, and Data Science skills that will help them utilize their big data. Participants get skills in using statistical tools such as Python and R to analyze and interpret data, thus enabling them to make data-driven decisions in their organizations.

Course Duration: One year

Type of Course/ Medium: Fulltime


Students will be required to complete 30 credits to get the Minor in AI and Data Science certification. They must undertake soft-core courses (Programming for Data Science & Introduction to Machine Learning) within the first semester. Students who have done courses similar to the self-core units may receive a waiver.

Students will then be allowed to specialize in three other areas. The electives are classified into three baskets, including Mathematics, AI/ML, and Applications. Students will be required to select at least one course from every basket. Students who receive a waiver from soft-core courses must take an extra elective course.

2. Inter-Disciplinary Dual Degree Programme (IDDDP) in AI and Data Science

Course Objectives 

This programme helps students in different sectors to integrate data science into their existing curriculum. Participants can take dual courses to enable them to use data science, AI, and Machine Learning to find solutions to problems characterising their sectors. It equips them with skills in using data analysis tools such as R, Hadoop, and Python.

Course Duration: One year

Type of Course/ Medium: Full time


This programme requires that participants complete two softcore courses or their equivalent. Additionally, students must complete 4 PG level courses (two in the fourth year and the remaining two in the fifth year). The courses must be from the approved list of electives.

Admission Process

  • Prospective candidates are required to apply for the programmes online. They must fill up the form on AMS and save every application stage.
  • They must then sign the form digitally by clicking on the CLICK HERE TO SIGN. The application must be made at the end of the sixth semester and before the beginning of the seventh semester.
  • The duly completed application form should then be submitted to faculty advisers. In case candidates want to add more details, they can use the personal message area within the stipulated deadline.
  • When filling up the form, candidates must specify their programme of interest (minor or IDDDP).
  • If the adviser approves the request, they will forward the form to a faculty convener and AR who will either approve or reject the application.
  • The final decision will be made based on the statement of purpose, CPI, consent from an associated faculty agreeing to serve as an adviser, and interview performance.
  • Successful candidates will be intimated using the email address provided during the application stage. They will then be required to pay a commitment fee to reserve their seat. The admission will then proceed before the placement of the seventh semester.


IIT Bombay utilises both classroom and online approaches in teaching AI and Data Science. It boasts of experienced lecturers with field expertise in different sectors. Students will have access to online learning platforms that offer digital libraries and other e-learning materials. They will be required to attend more than 75% of all the lessons.

Additionally, students must undertake capstone projects in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other related areas. The final score will be obtained by aggregating the performances in project, assignments, end-of-course examinations, case studies analysis, and continuous assessment tests.


  • The Minor and IDDDP in AI and Data Science is open for students undertaking a degree BTech.
  • Students with a CPI >7.5 can enroll in the programme during their sixth or seventh semester. However, this will be subject to approval by the DUGC and DPGC in BTech Department.
  • Candidates willing to undertake IDDDP as dual degree students will be required to have completed a minimum of two AI and Data Science minor courses (soft-core) or their equivalent from a recognized institution.
  • Additionally, students who convert IDDDP in AI and Data Science to receive a master’s will not be eligible for a minor in AI and Data Science.

Fee Structure

The fee for the programme is ₹190,000 payable in installments. Additionally, students undertaking dual courses will be required to pay parallel fees for their primary programme.

Batch Profile

More than 70% of the participants in the Minor and IDDDP in AI and Data Science programmes have a Tech background. However, students from engineering, computer science, and other programmes are undertaking data science and AI to achieve dual degrees. A majority of the participants are male, contributing up to 57% of the students.

Job Prospects

Data Science and AI graduates work in different sectors, including Banking, Manufacturing, Consultancy, and Healthcare. Graduates with dual degrees or Masters in AI and Data Science work in their area of specialization, particularly IT and Engineering. A majority of the graduates earn above 4 Lakhs, with the highest-paid earning above 10 Lakhs annually.

Accreditation and Ranking for IIT Bombay

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), 2020 ranked IIT Bombay the third among engineering colleges, 11th in management, and fourth overall in India. The institution is also recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government India, and accredited by UGC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the IIT Bombay Data Science course worth it?

Ans: Yes, IIT Bombay offers a detailed data science programme that is recognized by UGC and the Association of Indian Universities. The IIT boasts state-of-the-art facilities that enable students to access digital learning materials and undertake practical projects on various areas of AI, ML, and data science.

Q2: Does IIT Bombay offer placement assistance to its data science graduates?

Ans: Yes, IIT Bombay offers placement assistance to all students who complete their projects and assignments in time. It partners with several hiring organizations such as Deloitte, Google, KPMG, Mahindra Electrics Ltd, and ICICI Bank. Additionally, it engages students in resume training and interview preparation sessions.

Q3: What is the highest pay for a data science graduate from IIT Bombay?

Ans: Entry employees earn an average of 5 Lakhs. The pay increases as the employees gain experience and may rise to 8 Lakhs after two years of work experience. Overall, the programme attracts high pay from both local and international organisations.

If you have any questions, please ask us here – we answer every single query of students. 

IIT Bombay Data Science Course Quora

IIT Bombay is one of the oldest institutions in India. It offers highly practical programmes and has gained trust among employers in India. As such, prospective students research its reliability, accreditation, and fee structure.

IIT Bombay analytics course is one of the most searched programmes in Quora. This article offers a comprehensive analysis of the IIT data science course to enable you to make an informed decision. We offer its eligibility, admission requirements, accreditation, and placement data.

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