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  • The Institute of Management Technology in Ghaziabad has been open for 36 years, and have carved out a legacy of excellence that took Harvard centuries to accumulate.
  • As a result, IMT Ghaziabad has attracted some of the brightest minds in India.  This distance MBA is an exciting opportunity for students who are looking for an incredible education while they start their careers.
  • It is a private institution.
  • If you want details about IMT Executive MBA, you can find them over here.

Types of Specializations

  • The IMT Centre for Distance Learning offers one MBA equivalent program to its students. It is a two-year PGDM. It’s comprised of four semesters of classes, and it revolves around fifteen core components, four elective courses, and a final project to complete the MBA.

The program offers specialization around 5 areas.

Students can choose to focus on:

  • Business analytics
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations management
  • Human resource

Course Duration

  • The course duration of the IMT Ghaziabad Distance MBA is a standard two years.

IMT Ghaziabad Fee Structure

  • The fee structure of IMT Ghaziabad distance MBA is simple. During all four semesters, the costs are the same. Each semester consists of 22,000 for academic fees combined with the reading materials fee of 2500.
  • Another fee of 500 is added for library access, and the total cost in exams is an additional 500. This creates a total price of 27,500 for each semester.

Eligibility for the Course

  • Students can enroll for the MBA after they have successfully graduated with a minimum 2nd Division. They can also enroll if they graduated with a third division with a minimum requirement of two full years of work experience after graduation.
  • The maximum duration for finishing the MBA is four years.

IMT Ghaziabad Accreditation Proof

  • The IMT Ghaziabad distance program is not currently accredited by UGC. However, below is its previous accreditation letter attached.
IMT Accreditation Proof

Source: UGC

IMT Ghaziabad Admissions

Students looking to fill out an admissions form can purchase one from the IMT CDL head office.  They can also be acquired by clicking the online application form at

  • You will need two passport size photographs as well as a copy of ISC, HSC, and the Degree or final year’s mark sheet to apply.
  • You’ll also need ID proof through your Passport, Aadhar Card, or Driver’s License.
  • Admissions testing for the IMT Ghaziabad distance MBA is through in-person testing only. The admissions test is conducted at the Head Office.

The results take one week to post after the conclusion of the test, and they can be found posted up on campus or online at the official website.

Luckily, if you meet any one of the following requirements, you are exempt for testing during admissions.

  • You can skip the admissions test if you have two or more years of work experience after you graduated or you have completed the PG One Year Program from IMT CDL.
  • You are also exempt from testing if you’ve held first class honors throughout your educational career. The last way to be exempt from the test comes from being a Technical or Legal Professional.
  • These include CA, CS, M-Tech, ICWA, and MBBS.
  • Free Admission Help Available

Contact Information for IMT CDT Ghaziabad

  • IMT Ghaziabad’s Centre for Distance Learning Campus can be contacted for admissions at 1-800-200-1063.
  • You may also send an email to
  • The official website for Institute of Management Technology Centre for Distance Learning, Ghaziabad is

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is IMT-CDL’s Rankings for MBAs?

Ans: IMT Ghaziabad is exceptionally well ranked among critics. It scored the top spot in many accredited lists including the Zee Business, Outlook Careers 360, and DNA-Indus Learning lists of MBA ratings.

  • Q2: Is it worth doing part-time PGDM from IMT Ghaziabad?

Ans: If you live close to campus, this is an excellent program to take advantage of.

  • Q3: How useful are Distance Learning MBAs?

Ans: Distance learning MBAs can be the most valuable move in a young professional’s career. It gives students the ability to continue schooling while they make the necessary steps to start a career.

  • Q4: Is it worth receiving an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad?

Ans: Absolutely. This university has been a dream destination for marketers for decades. Acquiring an MBA from this university will give you an incredible edge moving forward throughout your career.

  • Q5: What is the total expenditure of getting an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad?

Ans: The total price of acquiring a distance learning MBA from IMT Ghaziabad is 1.1 lakh. This includes four equal payments of 27,500 due each semester.

  • Q6: How will the IMT Ghaziabad placements 2017 likely develop?

Ans: IMT Ghaziabad placements are incredibly competitive. IMT CDL prides itself in offering the most competitive placements in the country. If you are a graduate of the distance learning MBA you will be in very good shape to receive competitive packages.

  • Q7: Should I get an MBA at IMT Ghaziabad through distance learning?

Ans: Distance learning is an extremely effective way to acquire a world-class education from anywhere. It provides the luxury of building your career across the country rather than being stuck inside of a single city.

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