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IMT Ghaziabad Executive MBA – Review, Cut Off, Ranking, and More

IMT Ghaziabad

IMT Ghaziabad Executive MBA



  • This AICTE verified course is 15 months long with a full-time campus-based study which is designed as an accelerated MBA program that is organized for working professionals with a lot of work experience.

Type of Courses

  • The course is structured to include six aspects of the study and allows for social immersion as part of the sustainability and social sustainability course.
  • There are also self-learning modules available linked to Harvard. It is a uniquely structured course that advertises its ability to have those enrolled to discuss issues and cooperate on their studying to have everyone have a more rounded experience.

Fee Structure

  • The academic fee for the course’s learning is paid in three installments across the duration and totals 10,22,000.
  • There are accompanying costs for the course such as the lifetime fee for becoming alumni, but this is the main figure to simply enroll in the course.


  • The Institute of Management Technology is one of India’s top accredited business schools, granted its certification by the UGC up to 2017 with 2018 already applied for.

How to Take Admission?

  • Admission for the course comprises a number of stages which will eventually culminate in being offered a place on the course should you pass them all.

Start Your Admission Now

Start Your Admission Now

  • Firstly there is an online application module outlining your basic qualifications and intentions for studying.
  • There is then a round of selection interviews before the final announcement allowing the faculty of the school to try and decide whether you would be fit to study at their school.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone applying for a place on this course must have achieved a degree with above 50% aggregate mark followed by at least 5 years of working experience in the time since then.
  • There are several test scores which they also consider when accepting applications including CAT tests taken between 2013 and 2016, XAT tests from 2014 to 2017 or GMAT tests taken in the period of June 1, 2012, to July 1, 2017.
  • Without these qualifications, your submission is not going to be accepted by the school.

IMT Executive MBA Placement and Review 

  • The graduates of this course are quickly spread throughout India to a variety of companies and other organizations with a huge variety of work assignments.
  • Around 40% of the 2016 class went to work in the information technology sector which is unsurprising given the focus of the degree and the available expansion of the Indian technology market.
  • There were also large numbers who went into banking, finance and consulting who looked to us their qualifications in a financial setting rather than one based on technological development.
  • Retailing is another of the largest sectors where graduates entered into employment.
  • Further information about the recent placement of graduates on this course is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What are the main selling points of this course?

Ans: The ITM offers a Global Career Accelerator Programme which allows those studying on the course to spend 40 days working for an international partnership and gaining invaluable real-world experience.

  • Q2: How is this course going to help my career progression?

Ans: Since it is designed for those who already have several years of work experience, it is designed to let you truly expand your knowledge in the workings of management and technology and growing all of the aspects which you have learned about over your time in work.

  • Q3: How qualified are the teaching staff?

Ans: The professors for this course include some incredibly intelligent professionals who hail from all over the world and combine their joint experience perfectly to give you the greatest possible level of education.

  • Q4: Can I make the course more personal in any way?

Ans: During the final term of the year, you will be given the opportunity to specialize in a number of modules depending on what you wish to do after you finish.

  • Q5: What is the difference between an executive MBA and a regular MBA?

Ans: Executive MBA is tailor-made for working professionals while a regular MBA is for all undergraduate candidates who wish to further their academics.

  • Q6: How will I know whether IMT Ghaziabad is accredited?

Ans: This institution was established following the guidelines of the Human Resource Development, Government of India. You can check its accreditation status by visiting the UGC’s official website.

  • Q7: How many years of working experience is required before applying for an Executive MBA at IMT Ghaziabad?

Ans: All candidates must have at least 2 years of working experience.

  • Q8: How will I know the dates for distance MBA end-of-semester examinations?

Ans: Examinations dates are shared 1-2 months before the actual day. You should regularly check the institution’s website for specific dates.

  • Q9: What will be the requirements for undertaking end-of-semester examinations?

Ans: All students will be required to pay their fees in full and obtain a hall ticket.

  • Q10: How come that some institutions have a one-year executive MBA while others have a 2-years executive MBA?

Ans: The duration for studying executive MBA varies from institution to institution depending on the mode of delivery. For example, a resident MBA takes 1 year while distance MBA takes two years.

  • Q11: Does IMT Ghaziabad offer a distance Executive MBA?

Ans: Yes, IMT Ghaziabad has a rigorous Directorate of Distance Learning that offers distance Executive MBA among other programs.

  • Q11: When do I specify my preferred mode of study when applying for an executive MBA from IMT Ghaziabad?

Ans: Candidates are required to specify their preferred mode during the application process.

  • Q12: Does IMT Ghaziabad have study centers for distance students?

Ans: Yes, the institution has several study centers within its jurisdiction. Students can access counseling services, recreational services, and library services from these centers.

  • Q13: When do I select my ideal study center?

Ans: When applying for a distance executive MBA, candidates must indicate their favorite study center.

Contact Details

  • Contacting the Institute of Management Technology can be done in multiple ways and there are many contact emails given on their website for members of staff, the director and general office who can help with any queries you may have.
  • For assistance in the application, you may write to the University at Raj Nagar, Post Box No. 137
    Ghaziabad 201001, India or phone their main telephone line at +91 120 3002200.
  • An email address for the director’s personal assistant is also given as ‘[email protected]’ for higher level inquiries about the course or the school in general.

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