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[Authentic] Mewar University Distance MBA – Fee, Review, Courses

Mewar University Distance MBA

Mewar University Distance MBA


  • The distance MBA program is designed to cater to the academic needs of full-time working professionals and graduate students who want to distinguish themselves in the corporate world. If you live and work in the state of Rajasthan and you desire more knowledge to stand you out from the crowd, one great college to turn to pursue a distance MBA is Mewar University
  • Mewar University was established in 2008 and is owned by the government of Rajasthan. The college gained autonomous status and the University Grants Commission’s recognition in 2009. While it is the only self-financed college in the state, its main campus is located in Gangrar. 
  • Apart from the distance MBA program, the school offers various academic programs in Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, Computer Science, Business Management, and Accounting both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The admission process is seamlessly provided you meet all the entry requirements. Plus, the school offers admission on merit. 
  • In this article, we will take a look at the courses offered under the distance MBA program, the entry requirements, tuition, and how to apply for admission. 

Courses Offered

  • MBA – Health Management
  • MBA – Operation and Production Manager
  • MBA – Information Technology Management
  • MBA – Human Resources Management
  • MBA – Marketing Management
  • MBA – Finance Management

Fee Structure

  • The total amount payable by distance MBA students of Mewar University for the courses listed above is INR. 10,625. The amount doesn’t include examination fees and the cost of reading materials.


Prospective candidates are expected to meet the following requirements before they would be considered for admission:

  • Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree in any field (a self-attested copy is required)
  • Self-attested copies of all semester mark sheet
  • Self-attested copy of 10th and 12th student mark sheet and certificate
  • A hard copy of the duly completed application form 
  • Three passport photograph (and soft copy in you are interested in the online application)
  • Photocopy of government-issued ID card ( Driving license, Aadhaar Card, etc)
  • Photocopy of name change document (if applicable)
  • Evidence of application fee payment as per the college’s policy (DD/Cheque/Internet Banking)
  • An international passport showing Visa approval (for foreign students)
  • Proof of residency permit (for foreign national)
  • All prospective candidates must be at least 18 years before the close of admission. 

NB: The application fee is not refundable regardless of your admission status. The University reserves the right to cancel your admission if at any point in time they discover discrepancies in the documents submitted for admission. Additionally, all documents and claims would be verified before students are admitted. 

How To Apply For Admission

The application process is in two modes – online and offline modes.

Offline Mode

  • Prospective students are advised to read through Mewar University prospectus for an overview of the program
  • Interested Candidates should download the application form from the University’s official website

Start Your Admission Now

Start Your Admission Now

  • Manually complete the application form with your correct details and affix your passport photograph
  • Attached all required documents as stated above.
  • Send the final copy to the school admission office via the address stated in the contact section.

Online Application

  • Prospective students are to read the college’s prospectus to fully understand the requirements of the program
  • Visit the college’s portal to commence the distance MBA application process 
  • Complete the application form
  • Upload your passport photograph
  • Upload all relevant documents as stated above
  • Foreign students are to upload their international passport showing Visa approval
  • Submit the application form for processing


  • The distance MBA program at Mewar University is 2 years minimum and a maximum of 6 years. 

Accreditation Status

  • Mewar University is recognized and approved by the University Grants Commission and AICTE. The school is also accredited by NAAC 
  • Mewar University is the only university in the state that has earned NAAC’s A+ grade. 

Acceptance Rate

  • Mewar University is highly accepted among working-class professionals and graduate students in the state of Rajasthan. Currently, the school’s acceptance rate is pegged at 82%. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: I am a foreigner, I like and work in New Delhi, would my application be considered?

Answer: Mewar University is open to all students regardless of tribe, religion, and nationality. You are welcome to apply for admission. However, be informed that you must upload your international passport showing your Visa approval. 

  • Q2: I want to apply for MBA Health Management, do you need to possess additional qualifications?

Answer: The entry qualification to pursue the distance MBA program (health management) is a Bachelor’s degree in any field. You do not need additional qualifications to be considered for admission. 

  • Q3: Can I enroll for two options at a time?

Answer: No, you cannot apply for two options. If you do that your application would be rejected. You are advised to apply for only one option at a time.

  • Q5: Does the school have a platform for scholarship opportunities?

Answer: Distance MBA students are not eligible for scholarship opportunities at the college. Scholarships are only meant for full-time students. 

  • Q6: After Graduating from the program, what’s the placement scenario of the school

Answer: No doubt, Mewar University is a leading college in Rajasthan and several companies visit the school from time to time to source for graduates. However, distance MBA students are not eligible for such opportunities. 

  • Q7: Is the certificate recognized by employers?

Answer: The certificates issued by Mewar University is recognized by all employers in India. If you also intend to use the certificate abroad, you have no worries, as it is also accepted overseas. 

  • Q8: Is the program approved by relevant government agencies?

Answer: The distance MBA program at Mewar University is recognized by the University Grants Commission and AICTE. The school is accredited by NAAC. 

  •  Q9: Does the school provide reading or study materials for distance MBA students?

Answer: The school doesn’t provide reading materials to students. The cost of reading materials is to be borne by students. Students can also visit the school library if they need to consult a textbook for their studies. 

  • Q10: I am physically challenged, would my application be considered?

Answer: Mewar University operates a non-discriminatory policy. Regardless of your health condition, the school would offer you admission provided you meet all the entry requirements. However, ensure you state your health status during registration. 

Contact Details

  • Mewar University
  • NH – 79 Gangrar, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan-312901
  • Email 1:
  • Email 2:
  • Phone number: 01471-285451/52, 01471-285453

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