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Mock Cat 2009

Mock Cat 2009 is being searched by a lot of students these days so we thought we might as well write something about the same. First things first, people, you cannot get Mock cat 2009. Period. No one and I mean no bloody source can get you this resource. If it is, then watch out, either that source is lying or either it is an illegal outfit.

When the Cat exam was paper pencil based paper, the normal practice amongst students was to do the previous year papers. The availability of those old papers was not an issues and IIMs (the conducting authority of the CAT exam) had no problem in sharing the paper or if someone disclosed it. This made things simple and since the paper was conducted on one day, the IIMs could keep a surprise element each year. This changed with the Cat 2009 paper when Cat went online for the first time in its history.

Why can’t you get Mock Cat 2009?

IIMs prohibit any kind of sharing of questions, discussion etc on forums, websites or anywhere. Every Cat taker of 2009 (and of subsequent years) is required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement which was binding on the test taker. If anyone is found sharing the questions or compiling Mock Cat 2009 based on the questions which he/she faced then he is liable for prosecution by Law.

The reason why IIMs carved out such a scenario is to prevent giving unfair advantage to students giving exam on a later date. Unlike Paper Pencil Cat, where the entire population got the same set of questions, the online version has different sets for each day’s slot. In all likelihood, the questions do not repeat but this is not a 100% fool proof method. Hence, the non disclosure policy came into being.

What to do for Mock Cat 2009?

Man, what’s the big deal? See, the cat 2009 exam was much like the previous exams. Just do the 2003-2008 old cat papers. It will surely do the trick for you as far as relevant practice is concerned. If you are that much bent on online version only, then go ahead give the previous year exams on TestFunda for free. Please do not waste your money anywhere else buying this stuff.  Believe us, it would not be any far from giving the Mock Cat 2009.

Further, the level of difficulty for the cat 2009 was similar to previous year or slightly easier than before. So that takes care of the difficulty quotient.

Mock Cat 2009 – Replicas

If you are a serious Cat Aspirant, then without doubt you would have joined a test series of some reputed institute. Make full use of it. Just remember that the final level exam of Cat would be easier than most test series out there.

A good tip for aspirants would be to focus on their fundamentals and sharpen their skills in the same. That brings us to one more important point – The Lone difference in matter of content between the cat 2009 paper and the previous exams was balanced topic coverage i.e. Almost all topics were covered in both Quant and English.

Hence, stop searching for Mock Cat 2009. Pick up your HB pencil and start solving !!

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