My CAT Experience – Advice and More

Slot – Evening

Place – Dehradun

Date – 28th of October 2011

Total number of attempts – 40+

Test Experience –

The test site was well managed, smooth as last time. The normal stuff was carried out but the wait was really boring and no pretty girl nearby made it worse. 🙁 The staff was very civil and conducted themselves in a very professional manner. No hassles at the test center , students were quiet, unlike last time, and luckily I bagged a good seat.

Surprise Element –

Easiness of Quant section. The inferences have been stated below.

Toughness of Sections –

Quant – Below average

VA – Average to high

DI – Average

LR – Above average


The paper was more balanced than last time in terms of chapter weight age and it was a paper even non coached students could have attempted with aplomb. The type of questions asked were more inclined towards general aptitude rather than specifics requiring crude logic. As rightly said at before the start of exam – ‘It was all about concepts’ with nothing fancy or overboard especially the quant section which used to be much harder before.

However, one thing students should bear in mind is that sections change with slots and people in same slot have reported receiving different questions so this should not be the status quo and subjective elements do make assessing the difficulty level error prone. But, CAT seems to be getting better…ahem ahem. No wrong questions, no glitches, no ridiculous servers… just a screen and you.

Advice to students –

If you have some time to go, just brush up your basics and keep a cool head in the exam. Simple logical steps can help you save time and hurry up in your weak section as time flies.

First, do questions which you know for sure. Like you see a question and you know how to do it without thinking of the solution aka memory based questions you have done before.

Marks questions which you may be able to do and move ahead of questions which you find alien. Go to the last question and then start another round of half baked questions you can solve. This way you can maximize your score by capitalizing on easy questions and then focusing time on the harder ones.

In English, eliminate options, if you find two close options and can’t make up your mind, mark one and move ahead. By probability, you should still get 2 marks in 2 questions by this method.  Don’t get stuck, again solve the section in rounds doing the easier one first and then doing a second round.

ATB to every reader out there and give it you best shot. Tame the CAT and do post your queries or experiences with us.


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