New Updates – September + New Test Funda Code

We hope that you preparations for CAT are on track and your mocks are yielding the desired results. There have been some updates which you may find useful to note in the MBA Programs this year.

1) XAT will be easier than previous years. It will be on 8th of Jan 2012.

2) JMET will give way to CAT this year.

It is being touted that XAT will have differential marking like previous years but the questions will be much easier, however, the trickiness of the question will stay. English is expected to be at the same level, with little or no change.

Decision making questions will be renewed with gaming questions giving way to more business environment based questions.

Also, Test Funda code has been updated, ALQVOUO will be the new code till 31st September. As always, this code will complement any other discount running on Test Funda i.e. if TF is giving discount of 15%, you can get additional 15% off by using this code while signing off.


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