Online Mock CAT Exam – Must Know Facts

Online Mock CAT

Online Mock CAT has become the rage ever since CAT has gone online. Even before CAT went online, a lot options were available to students to continue their studies in the online format but with the changes to CAT pattern, the impetuous to CAT has increased even further.

With this, the paper pencil format that most coaching institutes followed has also gone down the drain and desktops have taken the place of pen and paper.

The online mock CAT can be taken at various places. There are quite a few free sources and a lot of paid sources available on the Internet as of now that help students take mock cat online. A student can choose between any of these online mock cat options and make the best of the opportunity available online to him or her. It is as easy as clicking a button and starting up the mock cat.

There are various sources where a student can look at and the most prominent ones being the coaching institute that used to conduct the paper and pencil format test for CAT.

Such institutes have adapted quickly to the new format and are catering to various requirements of the students these days. Most of these CAT are based on the pattern as prescribed by the online website of IIMs.

The online mock CAT is divided into three different sections i.e. Quant, VA and Di/LR. The Quant section is for to test the mathematical ability of the students and around 20 questions (subject to change) are included in this section. The same is the pattern for other sections too.


A candidate is free to attempt any section in any order. One can edit the answer choice as one wants and there is review option at the end of the exam that allows the student to review his answers too.

There is one more option available with the student i.e. to bookmark a question and come to it at a later stage in the test. The review window option on the test window allows the user to move back and forth between sections and various questions. Thus the online mock cat has flexible options that allow the student to take their test in a positive manner.

An advantage of giving online mock cat is that a student comes to know about the various flaws and mistakes in his preparation and can prepare for the same accordingly. It helps a student improve his outlook towards his results and assess his performance in the correct manner. This goes a long way in ensuring that the student is battle ready for CAT.


Mock cat online also serve one more purpose and that is that they give a glimpse of the potential of the students such that it allows the students to fill forms for various colleges accordingly, hence, serving as beacon for self assessment.

Thus, it is no doubt that mock cat online are a great way to perk up your studies and in the process, one can learn a trick or two that would not have been possible otherwise.

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