Panjab University Distance MBA

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Panjab University Distance MBA Program


  • Panjab University is one of the oldest educational establishments in the whole of India, being founded in 1947. It has a huge historical significance in the region and has been offering top class education to students for many decades through constantly evolving and growing programs to help improve their teaching ability.
  • Due to this, they have an excellent distance learning department which has helped hundreds of students improve the quality of their education. They formed the Department for Open Learning in 1971 to extend the availability of their education the widest possible number of people.
  • The USOL staff is been very supportive, well qualified and research-oriented faculty. The Educational Media Center produced 68 videos programs to be shown during the PCP’s to the students. The department also provides the teaching aid materials and equipment to the faculty of Department.
  • Punjab University is a State University.

Duration of the Course

  • The length of the MBAs available at the Panjab University is 2 years split up into 4 semesters with examinations and assessments throughout each semester.
  • However, it also offers Postgraduate Diplomas of 1 year in different fields like Computer Application, Human rights and duties, Mass communication, Library Automation, and Network, etc.
  • Link to prospectus

Types of Course

  • There is a variety of courses that can be taken but the most popular is the course in business administration which has been designed by the university to give the students the best possible advance past studying for the degree and moving into the world of further employment.

How is the course delivered?

  • The teaching given to students through the MBA program combines a huge variety of aspects in order to give the most rounded experience possible to the students and have them learn in ways that are comfortable for them.
  • Just some of these aspects are study material in Self Learning Mode, Personal Contact Program, Response Sheets, Assignments, Video and Audio- cassette Lessons on selected topics, Dissertations/Projects in selected courses and Counselling of students on a one to one basis along with other methods that can be found here.


  • The faculty of the school hail from a wide variety of backgrounds in a huge number of different subjects. This offers the school the ability to offer a similarly wide range of courses and qualifications through its distance learning program. All of the staff’s contact details are easily accessible and ready to be used by any current or prospective students.

Eligibility for the Course

  • Most importantly anyone applying for a distance MBA must have a bachelor’s degree from either Panjab University or any other university which is recognized by Panjab. To be accepted you must also have achieved an aggregate mark of above 50% throughout the duration of the course.
  • Panjab University also accepts qualifications gained from other accredited sources such as A pass in final examination conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or England or the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India or England.

Fee Structure

  • The fee structure is laid out within the prospectus for the university which can be ordered from the website or received when you apply for the university. However, the fee for the MBA per year is INR17000 giving a total cost for the MBA of INR34000.

Accreditation of the University

The University has been recognized by the UGC among other accreditation agencies, particularly for its “Potential for Excellence in Bio-Medical Sciences” and the general quality of its education.

Panjab University Accreditation proof

Source: UGC

How to Take Admission?

  • In order to be accepted for a place to study on the distance learning MBA course, you must pass the acceptance test.
  • After the test, you will be called for Personal Interview or Group discussion on the basis of score in the Common Admission Test.
  • Attendance in Group Discussion and personal interview is compulsory. If any candidate does not attend these group discussions and personal interview, Then University can cancel the admission of the applicant.
  • Free Admission Help Available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Educational Media Centre?
    • The EMC is a department within the university which helps to create content to be given to distance students which supplements their learning and allows them to gain greater knowledge about what they’re studying. It has been responsible for creating 325 audio lessons and 8 videos of its own to help students.
  • Is there support for distance students who live nearby?
    • The University has a hugely well-stocked library with over 80000 books and dozens of journals available to students. There is also a Panjab University Extension Library for those who live slightly further away from campus.
  • Is there any difference between doing a distance course a regular one?
    • The components of the course are kept the same from the original course from the syllabus, duration and the mode of examination meaning that there is no difference in the quality of materials or teaching that distance students receive in comparison to those being educated on campus.
  • What is the admission procedure at Panjab University Distance MBA?
    • The admission procedure is described by the University and available on the University website.
  • What is the fee structure of USOL?
    • The fee is 17,000 per year for the course of the MBA program at Panjab University.
  • What are the placement opportunities after Panjab University distance MBA?
    • The opportunity is almost 70% in major companies like BSNL, IBM and Infosys.

Contact Details

  • Panjab University makes a lot of their contact details readily available to members of the public and potential students to make it very easy to get in contact with them with any queries that you may have.
  • Their main campus and offices are located at Panjab University, Sector 14, Chandigarh, U.T. – 160014 allowing anyone in the region to easily find where they are to go and contact them. They also have general phone numbers +91 172 2541143, 2534301 as well as the professional details of many of their staff available here.

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