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Preparation for CAT aka Common Admission Test is a very structured process which has a lot of pre defined rules (with flexibility of course) which as student you need to know in order to pump up your preparation efforts for CAT. CAT as we all know is the gateway to the most prestigious set of B-schools aka MBA colleges in India, the IIMs.

However, it is not just the IIMs who conduct admissions based on the CAT score. It is estimated that India has 1800+ registered MBA colleges and some analysts even put this figure at over 4000 (what!!) producing lakhs of MBAs every year. A large chunk of these colleges accepts CAT scores for admission into their MBA or equivalent courses.

Life, as it is, is not always fair. In spite of much hard-work on the part of students one may not be able to secure a seat into the best B-schools hence a bit of luck does help. But as they say, the harder I work, the luckier I get is an axiom that has been around for decades now. For cracking CAT, you need to study and you need to study consistently so that you can always be on your toes with regards to the preparation for CAT level.


Unlike IITs or AIEEE where the students start their preparation 2 or even 4 years in advance, the preparation for CAT does not take that much time and can be done much faster. However, you need to consistent practice for this. Your English should be good and if you do not have active reading habit, then it would be die-hard essential to develop one. Reading and lots of reading is a good way to practice for the VA section of CAT.

There is another important section in CAT which is instrumental for preparation of CAT, i.e. DI. For Data Interpretation or more casually called as DI is an essential part of the CAT exam and has 1/3rd weight age of the entire exam. It is highly recommended that students sharpen their calculation speed and become battle ready to do hefty calculations for CAT. Numbers and the game form the day to day part of the preparation for CAT and it is worthwhile if you can improve on this front as there is always some scope left.

The Quant section of CAT is the last part of the Cat paper and equally important from preparation for CAT point of view if you wish to get into a good college like an IIM. One should have strong fundamentals as advanced questions are asked based on easy fundamental principles of CAT.


How quickly you solve a question, how good you are with numbers and how well you can take the pressure are all essential qualities that go a long way in deciding your results. But of course, preparation level and how much hard work you put in to your preparation are also essential for success.

Not only do you need to perform in the written test but you have to look beyond the horizon and fuel your preparation for CAT by other means at hand too. Develop a hobby if you don’t have one and try to improve your communication skills. Joining a Personality Development Program would be a good idea for you especially if you think that your skills are not up to the mark. These little things make a huge difference when it comes to final selection interviews and go a long way in your preparation for cat.

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