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Prepare for CAT – How easy it is for someone to tell you to do this thing. Beta…you want to do MBA then prepare for CAT. Ji Uncle Ji, mere ghar ka maal hai, abhi kar leta hun. IIMs to dahej mein miley hain mujhey. Will someone tell them that there are 2 lakh students competing for the 1800 seats…will someone tell them that the selection ration of the Ivy league is better than that of the IIM i.e. its harder to get into an IIM based on sheer numbers.

Mehnat kar beta,prepare for cat..sab kuch ho sakta hai!! Ho sakta hai…kya main IIM-BLACK mein ja sakta hun. I don’t think so. I don’t believe I am in the same league. I would try for something less competitive than an IIM TAAPMI (we know the spelling is wrong..but we don’t want lawsuits against us J ) or the likes. This is how I will prepare for my CAT.

How to prepare for CAT?

A fitting start to the one of the most coveted exams in the country! You bet !! Though we have heard the cliché words quoted above at some point of time from our elders again and again, there is no doubt in the fact that these have become hackneyed and stereotyped to such an extent that we dare not pay heed to these. But wait a sec, you should !!

The preparation of CAT is based on the basic of these tenets only i.e. hard word and more hard work and continuous hard work BUT intelligently. Yes, it’s not easy, it is not a walk in the park but it is certainly not difficult.

I don’t know math so I can’t do Quant. Whoa…who told you? Do you know that 60-70% of questions in CAT Quant can be done by the options alone (at least partially). No one expects an Einstein in their college..they want blokes. Blokes like you who DO NOT start their preparation for CAT like we started our article but on the contrary.

They want people who believe that they can achieve greatness and in the first place people who believe that they deserve the IIMs. If you yourself don’t think that you deserve an IIM then rest assured that no one else will. The battle starts in the mind, goes on in the computer screen (still a mind game) and ends in the mind where you try to give the interviewer the best of answers.

More on Prepare for cat

Start believing that you deserve an IIM is the first thing. Believe that you are worthy of this goal and then start your preparation. Miracles happen and if you look into the pages of history it was individual men who made miracles and became extraordinary.

Read…read a lot and acquaint yourself with the preparation of CAT and strategies. Become part of forums and the likes and make yourself aware of what it is all about. Do not give way to negative vibes though. You can begin on our website or go for many other options available over here.

Last but not the least is the same thing – ‘Consistent Hard work’. There are no substitutes for it, whatsoever. Remember, in the race between intelligence and diligence, the latter has an upper hand.

If you have any questions or need help with respect to ‘prepare for cat’ then please leave a comment below.

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