Lovely Professional University Distance MBA

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Lovely Professional University Distance MBA


  • LPU has been one of India’s premier education facilities for a number of years and remains among both the most highly attended and highly rated universities in the country.
  • The university campus spreads over 600 acres (2.4 km2) on the outskirts of Jalandhar and houses more than 10,000 students.
  • It remains popular for its constant adaption and construction of new types of state of the art facilities. This means that it can offer an incredibly comprehensive set of MBAs to its distance learning students.
  • It is a private university.

Type of Courses

  • There are multiple different subjects that you can specialize in when taking your MBA at LPU.
  • Some of these include finance, human resource management, and information technology and retail management among many others. These can sometime also be specialized further by offering optional modules for certain subjects.


  • The duration of the studying can vary depending on when you take certain semesters.
  • Doing them all back to back will make the course finish in 2 years.
  • However, you have up to 5 years to complete the 4 different semesters to allow you the flexibility to save up and organize your life around studying.


  • The LPU requires that for anyone to enroll in an MBA at their distance learning school has a graduate degree from a university recognized by them.
  • This is why they require a copy of your university mark sheet along with an application to study with them.

Fee Structure

  • Each semester at LPU is priced at 9900Rs and the course includes 4 of these semesters.
  • This means that the overall basic cost for the course is 39600Rs.
  • There is also an 850Rs examination fee for each semester which adds 3400Rs to the overall cost of the MBA

Lovely Professional University Accreditation Proof

Lovely Professional University Distance MBA

Source: UGC

Admission Process

  • Whatever way potential students may choose to apply there will be a 250Rs fee attached.
  • Then can either go and obtain an application form from the campus itself and choose to pay this whilst there in cash or a demand draft.
  • If they instead choose to download the form from the internet and submit it online then they must include the fee in a demand draft along with the application.
  • After doing this they will have to provide documentation of their identity through the birth certificate, proof of residence, photos and proof of graduation.
  • If you want to know more about the admission process, Free Admission Help Available

The Lovely Professional University Distance Learning Centres

  • LPU has opened 155 distance learning centers all over India to give as many people possible access to their quality services and the ability to improve their overall education.
  • These establishments have been formed to address both academic and administrative duties to help organize the distance learning courses and help to improve the quality of delivery and teaching whenever they can.
  • These distance learning programs are recognized by the Distance Education Council (DEC) who are responsible for overseeing the provision of education being given to distance learners to ensure that it is of good quality.


  • LPU allows students to obtain scholarships to help them gather funds to study at the university.
  • It allows for students in the SC/ST category as well as those classed as OBC.
  • This is mostly done through the post matrix of the Punjab government and more information about this system and how it can be used by distance learners at LPU can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LPU’s ranking for distance learning quality?
    • LPU is consistently ranked very highly in quality surveys assessing course delivery and content with several claiming them to be the best university in India for further study.
  • Where have graduates from LPU ended up working?
    • LPU has sent out graduates all over the world into many different employment sectors. Companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, and IBM have all employed graduates of LPU previously. They have over 600 offers for students from Fortune 500 companies, and there is more information on their graduate potential here.
  • When are the examinations for distance courses?
    • The end of term exams is usually held in June and December.
  • Why would distance learning be good for me?
    • It helps in learning new skills and knowledge a possibility at any point in life and the flexibility of fitting it around existing commitments such as working or raising children.
  • What is the placement criteria of LPU?
    •  In LPU, the placements depend on your CGPA. If a student has an average of 67% in the semester, he can attend the placements. There is a placement cell in LPU. Lpu is ranked No.1 among private universities in North India regarding placements.
  • If I fill admission form of LPU then when will be LPU-NEST exam?
    • If you fill it now, then if some slots are empty then you can select your dates. Else it will be conducted in 10 days from the day of application.

Contact Details

  •  Jalandhar – Delhi G.T. Road, Phagwara, Punjab (India) – 144411
  • Official Website:
  • For General inquiries: +91-1824-404404

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