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SNAP Exam- Syllabus | Pattern | Preparation | Colleges

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SNAP Exam Preparation 

SNAP Exam Preparation in India

The Symbiosis National Aptitude Test is paper pencil based management exam in India. Essentially, it is targeted at various colleges under the SNAP umbrella.

Though it gives access to some of the best colleges in the country, the sad part is that students have to apply to each college separately even before the SNAP exam, which actually becomes quite costly.

Nevertheless, this has not deterred SNAP from becoming one of the most popular exams in the country.

Top Colleges Under SNAP

As per the latest Pagalguy rankings, the top colleges (in exact order) under the purview of SNAP are:

  1. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune
  2. Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resources Development (SCMHRD) , Pune
  3. Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), Pune
  4. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Banglore
  5. Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune
  6. Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management
  7. Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management
  8. Symbiosis Center for Information Technology
  9. Symbiosis School of Banking Management (Not on the list of PG)

While the first 2 colleges are really good, the last two probably leverage the symbiosis brand to its advantage.

About the Exam

  • Duration of Exam – 120 minutes 
  • Date of Exam – Sometime in December, once a year. 
  • Negative marking – 25% of maximum marks of each question. 
  • 4 Sections in total. These Sections are: 
  • Section 1 – Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability, Verbal Reasoning – 40 marks 
  • Section 2 – Quantitative Aptitude – 40 marks 
  • Section 3 – General Knowledge – 40 marks 
  • Section 4 – Logical Reasoning – 60 marks 
  • The result is given in percentile and depending on that, you may clear the cut off for various colleges under SNAP. 
Section Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Logical Reasoning 30 60
Quantitative Ability + Data Interpretation + Data Sufficiency 40 40
Verbal Ability 40 40
General Knowledge / Current Affairs 40 40
Total 150 180

Eligibility for SNAP

  • A graduate with at least 50% marks (45% for the SC/ST) at the graduation level.
  • Student appearing for final year examinations can also apply, but their admission will be subject to obtaining a minimum of 50% marks (45% for the SC/ST) at qualifying examination.

Fee for the Exam

The fee for the Exam is 1550/- and payment can be made online, by DD or Cash. The details in the fine print on this topic can be found out every year while we publish the notification for the MBA exams. You can sign up for our newsletter by using any of the options given on the right hand side.

Cut Off for Top 3 Symbi Colleges 2012

  • SIBM – 91.75
  • SCMHRD – 84
  • SIIB – 80
The cut offs change every year depending on the difficulty of the paper and number of aspirants etc.

Books and Important Tips for SNAP

Now we come to the interesting part. How is the exam different from other exams and how to prepare for the same? Assuming that you are giving CAT, you have around 1 and a half month to prepare for SNAP (i.e. if you give CAT on the first day). This much time is more than enough for the exam.

So where does the difficulty level for the exam – It’s easier than CAT/XAT (overall) but harder than MAT/CMAT. Some sections, may overlap with CAT. However, the difficulty level centers around Easy to Moderately difficult, with an inclination towards the latter.

Of late, its the logical reasoning section has troubled students the most and since it carries the maximum marks, it should be tackled religiously by students.

    • Step 1 – Start of the preparation for SNAP by looking at the previous year paper. You can download one such paper over here. 
    • Step 2 –  Give a sample SNAP exam over here. (Totally free, a full-fledged SNAP exam online)
    • This will give you an idea as to where you stand and which sections you need to focus on.
    • Since the exam difficulty level is the less and the number of questions is more than CAT, the impetuous falls on – ‘Speed’ and that happens to be one of the most important changes when one migrates away from CAT.
    • For the preparation of the GK section in SNAP, read the Manorma year book – Check Manorama Yearbook Latest – Flipkart or Manorama Yearbook Latest – Amazon (would help you with the interview/bank PO and other MBA exams having GK section).
    • Apart from that, keep reading a national daily (preferably The Hindu) and if possible, try to get a hang of the GK material provided by coaching institutes like CL, TIME and others every year.
    • This particular thread might also help you out in GK preparation for MBA. You can also find Pratiyogita Darpan quite useful for current GK. Check it over here. 
    • Be aware that the questions asked in this section are not run of the mill and considerable knowledge is required on the part of students. Business GK, Current GK, corporate, economics etc areas are some favorites of this exam. 
    • Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation – If you have prepared for CAT, that would be sufficient. A good book for CAT that covers the basics which overlap with the Quant in SNAP would be Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT: Common Admission Test For Admission into IIMs – Available on Amazon also(it’s cheaper on Amazon as I write this).
    • The book goes into much detail about each topic under Quantitative Aptitude and this book along with the past papers is sufficient for this section. Time and Work, Time and Distance are some of the most prominent topics asked in this domain, so keep your wits about yourself while you read these two topics in particular. Overall, arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data sufficiency questions form the bulk of this section.
    • Logical Reasoning by RS Aggarwal, Career Launcher Logical Reasoning book or any other coaching provider + the past year papers to get a feel for the question types would be a good basis for preparation. This section carries double the marks for each question and is probably the hardest section of SNAP. Critical reasoning questions are the norm but the bulk of the weight stays with logical reasoning.

Students should prepare really astutely for this section in particular because this is the section in which you can extend your lead over the competition.

For best results, get your hands on TIME material, see what type of questions have come previously in the exam, locate that material in the TIME LR books and just do every possible question on every possible type of question that has been asked previously.

English/Verbal Ability has historically been easy in SNAP comprising mainly of direct questions. The inferential questions are negligent and this happens to be one of the most scoring areas of the exam. Read a lot, prepare for verbal ability and reasoning generously. Arun Sharma Verbal Ability for CAT would be a good book to refer to for preparing this section.

Overall, we see that the exam has 2 easy sections in Quant and Verbal. Students should target these for maximizing marks in the least possible time.

The difference between the top 5%ile and the rest would not be much in these sections in terms of marks, it would be more in terms of speed at which these are solved.

The place where you can actually stretch the lead over other students is GK and Logical Reasoning(LR). The faster you solve the easier sections, the more time you get for LR.

GK would not take up much time but a good score can be a game changer for cracking the exam and should not be taken lightly.

Not only does it help you secure around 20% of the total exam marks, but also one can’t overlook the fact that a student can score these marks in the least possible time. Thus, GK has the best possible marks/time ratio of all the sections.

Another focus area would be to acquaint yourself with different question types that have historically shown up in SNAP.

This would be easily accomplished by going for old SNAP exam papers. Most of these questions are easy but minimize the surprises that you may get on the final day. TARGET SNAP – Past (2005 – 2011) + 5 Mock Tests – Available on Flipkart and also on Amazon (it’s cheaper).

SNAP did not have sectional cut offs last year, though nothing has been disclosed, that is unlikely. Some of the points mentioned above have been derived from past experiences and may not stay sound this time around as the exam is known to surprise. As future managers, you should be privy of this fact and prepare accordingly.

SNAP Mock Exams

Mock Exams help a lot in the case of CAT, and there is no reason why it would not work in terms of CAT. There is a very cheap test series on SNAP replica questions on TestFunda over here. You can choose the exams individually and also reduce the cost by using the test Funda discount coupons given over here.

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