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5 Awesome Tips for SRCC GBO Exam | Old Papers | Pattern

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GBO Exam Prepare

SRCC GBO Exam Preparation

SRCC GBO aka Global Business Operations Program is a decent postgraduate program in terms of ROI. Around 8k to 10k students give the exam each year. It has a total of 62 seats (50% General and 50% Otherwise) for which students are selected through a separate entrance exam which is conducted in the last week of January, followed by GD/PI in late March or early April.

GBO started in 1999 and is certainly not the flagship program of the institute but it has become quite popular. It’s a two-year postgraduate diploma program which is affiliated to the University of Delhi.

Advantages  Of SRCC GBO Exam 

  • Sri Ram College of Commerce brand name is a huge plus for students. Add to this the Delhi University tag and the ambiance make the experience worth it.
  • Moderate Fee Structure – just 90K for 2 years. This is perhaps the most important criteria.
  • Batch Diversity.
  • An easier exam to tackle.
  • Decent Placements.
  • Excellent Faculty and Infrastructure.
  • The weight-age attached to the written exam, GD and PI are 75%, 10%, and 15% respectively. So, if a student does well in written, the chances of bagging a seat are considerably high. In fact, the toppers are almost assured of a seat and their interviews also do not go that stringent because such huge weight is assigned to the written paper.
  • You get a lot of time on campus as the program is not that stringent. So if you want, you prepare for exams like CFA, FRM or CFP. This can be a boon or bane depending on your outlook.

Disadvantages of SRCC GBO

  • You are given a diploma from Delhi University, not a degree. That means that you will find it difficult to apply for government jobs which accept MBA. So the public sector is cut off for the most part.
  • You remain in SRCC as second class citizens. This is quite an intangible factor but was conveyed by alumni of the college to me, so take it with a pinch of salt.
  • GBO is not that well known a course and you may find yourself explaining to people as to what exactly you are doing.

Myths Regarding SRCC GBO

  • Preference is given to DU students. This is absolutely untrue!! An institute of SRCC’s stature does justice to its image and no such policies are involved.
  • Written Exam is Everything – It’s true that the written paper carries maximum weight-age but please do not be casual about the Interview and GD. Arrogance, Defiance or such heated emotions and you can get a kick on your butt – Be prudent, stay safe.

About the SRCC Paper

  • Conducted on the last Sunday of January every year.
  • The GK section from 2013 has been done away with. The diploma would not be awarded by DU and not SRCC. Some changes are going on and we will keep updating this article accordingly. Probably, the exam pattern may also change. This time around Data Interpretation would be the added section. However, the number of questions in slated to be the same.
  • Cut off for SRCC ranges around 300-350.
  • The total number of questions is 160, equally divided into four sections, each carrying four marks.
  • There are no sectional cutoffs.
  • Duration of Exam – 120 minutes.

SRCC GBO Preparation Tips and Strategies 

The paper is easy but the competition makes the cut offs zoom upwards. The seats are limited aka 31 for General and 31 reserved. So if you are a general student, then you are looking at a selection ration of 30:6000 i.e. 1 in 200. That is same as IIMs (if considered on a mass scale and subject to change), hence things sure do get heated up. Ok, coming back to the core topic:

  • Quant – It’s a matter of speed. Do Arun Sharma Level 1 and Level 2 and you will be more than ready to handle this section. A total of 40 questions with 4 marks each (the same applies to other sections). Negative marking of 1/4th is prevalent. Out of these 40 questions, you may find some speed breakers and these are best avoided. Never, ever attempt a new type of question you have not done before. If you have time, come back to it later. Arithmetic, Algebra, Indices and related sections become part of this section.
  • English – Decent Vocab will see you through this section on most cases. Go for Normal Lewis Vocal Preparation and the level for this section moderate to easy. Vocabulary, fill in the blanks, prepositions form the bulk of this section.
  • LR/DI – This section is perhaps a little tough. Solving the above two sections fast can help you tide over this section easily. Standard questions about CAT of moderate and easy level form a part of this paper. Arihant book for MAT/CMAT on Logical Reasoning should see you through this section comfortably. Syllogism, caselets, verbal reasoning forms the bulk of the paper.
  • GK – Dealt with separately below. Now replaced with Data Interpretation as of 2013. 
One has to realize that the SRCC exam does not change too often. Solving the past paper of this paper is very crucial. The most important this for students to do is – Find past papers, locate the different types of questions asked, go back to the study material of any coaching institute you have referred, locate the type of questions asked before, now solve every question that you can find of a similar type. 
It’s kind of stupid but GBO has a tendency of repeating past year questions. So get a hang of previous year paper of SRCC GBO.

SRCC GBO GK Section Preparation (As of 2013, this section has been done away with) 

  • MAT GK, SNAP GK, and Related Exam GK books. SRCC GK is infamously known to be a repeat question from other management exams.
  • Arihant GK Manual.
  • Career Launcher or any other preparation provider management book.
  • Daily Newspaper reading.

These four sources would be more than enough to tackle the GK section of SRCC. You can also join the Pagalguy GK thread that runs every year to help you in your GK preparation. Remember, the SRCC Paper is geared more towards static GK!!

SRCC Past Question Paper

If you have any questions, doubts or anything to share, please do so by leaving a comment below or go to Pagalguy forum where you will find the seniors of college helping out students. It’s fast and it’s easy!!

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