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Symbiosis vs IGNOU Distance MBA – Which is better?

Symbi vs IGNOU

IGNOU vs Symbiosis Distance MBA – Which is better?

IGNOU vs Symbiosis Distance MBA - Which is better?


  • In our current age, the demand for an administrative MBA is at an all-time high; with the job market teeming with an excess of overqualified candidates, people are trying to get a competitive edge in any way they can.
  • However, the arrival of so many institutions offering the same long-distance MBA course has led to one significant problem: how to decide which one to choose? Today’s article was written to solve this problem exactly.
  • Read on to find a detailed comparison between IGNOU and Symbiosis Distance MBA, in terms of reputation, authenticity, affordability and much more, to help you make that dreaded decision.

Basic Differences

  • To start off, let’s talk about a few basic differences. Whereas the Symbiosis degree program is private, IGNOU was established by the Government of India and is thus a government institution.
  • The degree is accepted in many government institutions across the country. Moreover, to enroll in Symbiosis no entrance exam is required, but for IGNOU, students have to give the compulsory OPENMAT Management Aptitude Test.
  • OPENMAT is conducted twice a year by the university and tests a candidate’s skill level in management. They are tested in four areas (general awareness, English language, quantitative aptitude, and reasoning) and with sufficient marks, a person may register for the course.


  • Next, let us move on to a crucial factor when comparing institutions: reputation and authenticity.
  • When discussing value and recognition, it is quite clear that both IGNOU and Symbiosis have successfully distinguished themselves from the rest – they both have a shining reputation in the market.
  • On the contrary, after analyzing both websites, whereas Symbiosis has been listed as a top education provider to employees in many reputable firms including Airtel, Cipla, Vodafone, Baja Finance Ltd. and more, the same could not be said for IGNOU.
  • An IGNOU degree is accepted anywhere in India, but the focus on high chances of employment in comparison to a Symbiosis degree has been less.

Expense/Costs with Each

  • Till now we have taken a look at the value in the job market, application procedure and the type of degree, but the main factor still remains to be seen: affordability.
  • As of the year 2017, the fees for enrolling in a Symbiosis Distance MBA are INR 37,000 with an additional INR 1500 for the application form.
  • The expense is slightly greater than the requirements of IGNOU which is Rs 31,500 per semester and RS 1500 for each course.
  • Thus, budget-wise a long-distance MBA from IGNOU definitely seems like the better option.

Degree Duration

  • Before coming to your decision there is one more thing you should take into consideration: IGNOU degrees are a lot more flexible, duration-wise than Symbiosis ones.

Start Your Admission Now

Start Your Admission Now

  • Whereas an MBA from IGNOU can take you any time between 2 to 8 years, Symbiosis degrees have a fixed duration of 1 or 2 years as assigned. For working students, IGNOU is, therefore, an ideal option.
  • To conclude, there are a thousand different variables to consider before choosing the best institution for your degree. Think long and hard. After reading this article, hopefully, your dilemma has been made a lot simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is the difference between the Symbiosis distance MBA and IGNOU distance MBA?

Ans: Both Symbiosis and IGNOU offer accredited distance MBA programs. However, IGNOU is more flexible with the duration of study—you can take up to 8 years before graduation.

  • Q2: What should I consider when selecting between IGNOU and Symbiosis distance MBA?

Ans: Before settling for any institution, you should consider its accreditation, flexibility, content delivery method, and fee structure

  • Q3: Can I discontinue my IGNOU distance MBA and continue with it at Symbiosis?

Ans: No, if you opt to discontinue your distance MBA from either of the universities, you’ll be required to apply afresh for the program in an institution of your choice

  • Q4: Which is more expensive between IGNOU and Symbiosis distance MBA?

Ans: Both universities offer the program at a relatively affordable cost. However, IGNOU is relatively cheaper at Rs 31,000 per semester 

  • Q5: IGNOU vs Symbiosis distance MBA. Which is more marketable?

Ans: Both programs are accredited by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Students from both of the universities are offered placement opportunities

  • Q6: I want a university with a flexible learning environment. Which one between IGNOU and Symbiosis has a flexible evaluation method?

Ans: IGNOU is more flexible than Symbiosis. It allows the distance MBA students to register for the exams when they are ready

  • Q7: What is the payment method for the application fee for IGNOU and Symbiosis?

Ans: Both institutions utilize online payment options as well as demand drafts for the candidates applying offline. You should always enter your accurate details to avoid inconveniences

  • Q8: Which university between IGNOU and Symbiosis provides scholarships to distance MBA students?

Ans: Both universities do not provide scholarships for distance courses. However, SC/ST candidates can apply for tuition fee concession 

  • Q9: Between IGNOU and Symbiosis, which is ideal for working professionals?

Ans: IGNOU is more flexible and ideal for working students. Students are allowed to study at their pace unlike Symbiosis where students must complete the program within the stipulated timelines

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