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[Latest Tamil Nadu Open University Distance MBA – Admission Details

Tamilnadu Open University Distance MBA

Tamilnadu Open University Distance MBA – Courses, Fee, and Admission

About The University

  • The Tamilnadu Open University has been acknowledged internationally when the University grew to be a member of South Asian on Distance Education scheme all over Asia. In addition, the University has been well-known by the Govaty Foundation of France and has presented “France India Heritage” lately.
  • The University was inaugurated by an Act (No.27 of 2002) of the Legislative Assembly of the Government of Tamilnadu to reach out to students who are underprivileged, rejected admission to higher education, needy, handicapped, working men and women, people who couldn’t complete their education due to other goals.
  • The Distance Education Council, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) praised and honored the Government of Tamilnadu for starting TNOU. This move of the Government of Tamilnadu is very beneficial for the poor, handicapped, women, and the weaker sections of the society and the University is dedicated to assisting economically and scholastically both.
  • The Tamilnadu Open University is playing a vital role in becoming a Centre of Excellence in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) by contributing excellent programs to fulfill the needs of the people and to enlarge the reach to higher education to shape an advanced India. The University shall:-
    • Develop a bendable and tough curriculum to broaden the scholastic reach, excavate information boundaries, and produce vast business skills.
    • Spread higher education to the whole country through lifetime learning programs to live a better life.
    • Begin interactive surroundings for excellent self-confidence.
    • Nurture private-public firms.
    • Connect the digital divide and execute anytime, anywhere learning atmosphere.
    • Synchronize and execute standards in ODL.
  • Tamil Nadu Open University is a State Open University.

Tamil Nadu Open University Accreditation Proof

Tamilnadu Open University Accreditation proof
Credit: UGC


  • Post Graduate Programmes
  • MBA (General)
  • MBA (Shipping and Logistics)
  • MBA (Hospital Administration)
  • MBA (Retail Management)


 2 Years


 Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University.

  • Master Foreign Going Certificate of Competency
  • First Class Motor or Steam or Combined (Chief Engineer) Certificate of Competency issued by the Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, or its counterparts in other countries. 


  • Online Application Cost- Rs 200
  • Registration and Postal Charges- Rs 300
  • The total fee for One year is 50,150 INR  for all the programs.

Admission Procedures

  • 100/- to be paid for the Application Form
  • The filled Application form should be presented along with the Original and the verified copies of the eligibility certificates. (The Original Certificates will be returned immediately after Verification.

Start Your Admission Now

Start Your Admission Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is the eligibility criteria for MBA Shipping and Logistic?

Ans: You must have a Master in Foreign going Certificate of Competency.

  • Q2: What are the placement opportunities for the students after Tamil Nadu Distance MBA?

Ans: A placement cell is established by Tamil Nadu Open University Distance MBA for providing employment to its students.

  • Q3: Is Tamil Nadu University Distance MBA UGC approved?

Ans: Yes, It is approved by the University of Grants Commission. An accreditation proof is attached above.

  • Q4: How can I take admission in Tamil Nadu Open University Distance MBA?

Ans: You can apply by obtaining the admission form from the university and attaching all the relevant documents with the application forms.

  • Q5: What is the Student Welfare and Placement Cell and How can It help me?

Ans: The student welfare and placement cell is a university initiative established on 26th July 2016, to help the student for academic assistance and ensuring the employment opportunities for its students.

  • Q6: Is distance education as well accepted as the conventional regular education?

Ans: Yes, distance learning is an acceptable mode of learning. Students who complete their studies using this module are competent and can work anywhere in the world.

  • Q7: Is Tamilnadu Open University recognized?

Ans: Yes, the institution was established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It is recognized by UGC under Sec.12-B of the UGC Act, 1956.

  • Q8: Is it a must for me to visit Tamilnadu Open University to complete my studies?

Ans: No, students can undertake their programs from their preferred locations as long they have reliable internet connectivity.

However, courses with practical sessions require several contact hours. Students undertaking such courses must visit Learners Support Centers distributed all over the state.

  • Q9: Will I be charged an extra cost for learning materials?

Ans: No, all students are entitled to get learning materials at no extra cost.

  • Q9: How do I receive the learning materials?

Ans: Students are expected to collect the learning materials from the Learning Support Center of their choice. As such, students should only select the centres closest to them for convenience.

  • Q10: Are there age limitations when joining Tamilnadu Open University?

Ans: No, all candidates are eligible for distance programs from Tamilnadu Open University as long as they meet all the other eligibility requirements.

  • Q11: How many hours would I be expected to devote for an online course at Tamilnadu Open University?

Ans: Students must spend 6-12 hours every week depending on the course.

  • Q12: Can I enroll for more than one program concurrently?

Ans: No, you are only allowed to undertake one program at a time.

Contact Details

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