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Tripura University Distance Education MBA Admission, Courses (and more)

Tripura University Distance

Tripura University Distance MBA – Admission, Courses Details, and More


  • The department of distance education at Tripura University was founded in 1996 to provide high-quality education to inhabitants all around India. Their goal is to use a modern, multimedia approach in order to give the students enrolled in their course a well-rounded comprehensive education.
  • It promotes its postgraduate study as a complementary study in a topic that can be used to better yourself and to give your career greater potential after completing the course.
  • Tripura University made it possible by promoting the Distance Education on approved UGC and Distance Education Council to cater to the need of students who lived in geographically remote areas.
  • Tripura University is a public University.

Types of Course

  • Tripura offers a variety of MBA courses both on campus and through its distance learning department. These include analytical and applied economics, political science and business management. Their huge variety is one of the greatest assets of the university and why it has become so popular.

Duration of Course

  • The course is stated to be a 2-year course comprising of full-time study, this can be made flexible be arranging times and an order for the modules.

Fee Structure

  • The fee for the two years of the course is INR 38500 per year which can be paid in various installments rather than all as one lump sum. However, the application fee for the various parts of applying to study at the university is 780Rs and does have to be paid at once along with the application for studying at the school.

Eligibility for the Course

  • Before applying for the course at Tripura one must always check that they are eligible for the course so as not to waste anyone at the university’s time, or indeed their own.
  • Any applicant for an MBA must have qualified over 3 years or 6 semesters of a bachelor’s degree at either Tripura or any other recognized University. Any candidate who has also appeared in the BA Final Examination shall be offered the chance to apply for postgraduate study.

Accreditation of University

  • Tripura University is currently not accredited by the UGC. Below is its previous accreditation letter attached.
Tripura University accreditation proof
Source: UGC

How to Take Admission?

  • Application for the distance learning school is available online through the main website of the Directorate of Distance Learning at the university.
  • More information about this website can be found through the link here. After applying students will be required to pass a Distance Education Admission Eligibility Test (DEAET) to ensure that they are up to the standards of the university and possess the ability to study the course.

Start Your Admission Now

Start Your Admission Now

  • Those placed on the admissions shortlist based on their score on this test may be invited to participate in a round of interviews in order to further assess the personality and commitment of that person in order to work out whether they are the right person to give a place on the course too.
  • Free Admission Help Available


  • Tripura University is committed to getting its graduates into stable and proficient employment opportunities with the help and support of their organization.
  • The university maintains links with many companies in order to get the best possible advice for their students and potentially find them the best possible placement opportunities. At Tripura, they organize many different summer internship programs which may be useful for postgraduate students who are looking for a transition into a new career after finishing their studies.
  • Some of the companies include Aerosoft, Apollo Tyres, Birla Sun Life Insurance, and CINT Consultancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is the faculty like at Tripura University?

Ans: The staff of the university are very strong in all departments and promote strong links between themselves and students to give a greater bond between the two groups and give the students access to higher levels of teaching in order to improve their learning experience.

  • Q2: If I apply when will I receive my prospectus?

Ans: All applicants, however they choose to apply, will be sent a prospectus in the post in order for them to fully assess the course they are choosing as other aspects of the university.

  • Q3: What are the reservation criteria for places at Tripura?

Ans: There are reservations for SC/ST/OBC seats according to the Central Educational Institution’s Reservation in Admission act of 2006 permitting for persons with disabilities.

  • Q4: What type of courses offered at Tripura University?

Ans: Tripura University offers both an on-campus and online Distance MBA program. These include different programs like analytical and applied economics, political science and Business Management.

  • Q5: What is the fee structure of the Tripura University Distance MBA?

Ans: The fee for the Two-year program is 76,000 approximately.

  • Q6: Is Tripura University UGC approved?

Ans: Yes, It is UGC approved and accreditation proof is attached above.

  • Q7: What are the placements opportunities for the Tripura University Distance MBA?

Ans: The university makes ensure for its graduates to place them in different companies.

  • Q8: What is the cost of the prospectus?

Ans: Rs 800 and Rs 600 for SC/ST category.

  • Q9: How are the assignments for distance learning administered at Tripura University?

Ans: Students are required to collect all the assignments from the assigned study centre. They should hand in written assignments within the stipulated deadlines.

  • Q10: What would happen if I fail to submit my assignment in time?

Ans: If a student fails to submit their assignments, they’ll be forced to collect fresh assignments from the directorate of distance education. They may be asked to pay Rs 300.

  • Q11: What factors can lead to the cancellation of an admission offer at the university?

Ans: An admission offer can be canceled in case of falsified information, misconduct, violation of university rules, and non-fulfillment of eligibility criteria upon scrutiny.

  • Q12: What learning materials will I access online through the institution’s digital library?

Ans: The library has more than 7000 digital books, subscriptions to more than 20 journals, and access to more than 5700 e-journals under the UGC-Infonet.

  • Q13: When is the online application portal open for distance courses application?

Ans: The online portal remains open from February to April of every year.

  • Q14: How will I get updates regarding my application status?

Ans: The university does not send direct emails to the applicants. However, all the information regarding the candidate’s application can be found in their respective admission portal.

  • Q15: Can I appeal the decision by the admission panel to deny me admission to a distance course at the university?

Ans: Yes, the institution has the Tripura High Court which is tasked with resolving all admission complaints. However, the institution shall not be liable for failure in the banking system or any other unforeseen circumstances leading to delay in submission of the forms.

  • Q16: Is it mandatory for interested candidates to appear for an entrance test?

Ans: Yes, all candidates must appear for the test as per the schedule.

Contact Details

  • Tripura gives a lot of details which make contact between prospective students and the university very easy. Their phone number is given as +91 381 237 4801/4803/9002 as well as an active fax line also available.
  • The website also lists very detailed contact information for many of the different departments and schools within the university in order to connect those with queries with those who can help them find answers. A full list of the contact details and address of the university is available here.
  • The Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Tripura University,
    Suryamaninagar, Pin- 799022

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