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Brandman University Online MBA
Credit: Thought Catalog

Brandman University Online MBA


  • Applicants to Brandman University’s online MBA program are equipped with the tools that are essential in the analysis of business development and functions. An MBA at Brandman helps the student to develop leadership acumen and mastery of business strategies.
  • The WSCUC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) accredited Brandman University online MBA affords students the opportunity to choose from the following 10 concentrations: human resources, international business marketing, business intelligence, data analysis, organizational leadership, accounting, e-business strategic management, entrepreneurship or finance or health administration.
  • These specialisms help in boosting students’ current and future careers. The professional tools learned from this program will no doubt enable its graduates to play effectively in the global business terrain.

List of Courses Offered

The following concentrations or emphases are available in this program are as follows:

  • Accounting
  • E-commerce
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Health Care Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing

Furthermore, the following are the core courses for this program:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Data Analysis for Decision Making
  • Economic Analysis for Managers
  • Business Process Analysis and Innovation
  • Corporate Responsibility: Ethics and Sustainability
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Foundations
  • Marketing Management


  • The normal duration for the online MBA at Brandman University is two years. This applies to students who do not drop or skip any classes during this period. About 64% of students are recorded to have graduated in three years. This is most likely due to the flexibility afforded by the program.

Cost Structure

  • At $650 per credit hour, students of this online MBA pay a tuition of $3500 per 24-week billing period and $7000 per academic year.
  • For active duty military students and their spouses, however, some financial aid is offered In the form of a $250 discount per credit hour. Therefore, tuition for students in this category is $400 per hour.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Academic background: Applicants are required to have a minimum of 3.0 CGPA in the most recently graded semester of either their undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Alternatively, students with 2.5 to 2.99 CGPA in the most recently graded semester of their previous degree may be considered eligible if they have a satisfactory GMAT score. Another criterion for eligibility into the program is a master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Work Experience: This is not a prerequisite for admission into this program.
  • Language: Unlike the case of most online MBA programs, TOEFL is not a requirement for international candidates of this program.

Class Profile and Potential Salary

  • The total enrollment for this program so far is 186.
  • The average age of students enrolled in the program is 35 years.
  • The rate of minority students enrolled in the program stands at 40%.
  • 52.2% of students enrolled in the program have been female.
  • The potential salary for graduates of this program ranges from $64,000 to $75,000, as determined by occupation.

GMAT Requirements and Scores

  • GMAT is a requirement for applicants with less than 3.0 GPA (2.5-2.99) to be considered eligible for the program.
  • Information concerning the maximum age of the GMAT score is not available.
  • Accordingly, there is no information online pertaining to the minimum GMAT score requirement for admission into the program.
  • GMAT can be waived for candidates that hold a master’s degree or higher.
  • GMAT can also be waived for candidates with a CGPA of 3.0 in the most recently graded semester credits of either their undergraduate or postgraduate.
  • Upon review, GMAT may also be waived for candidates with a satisfactory portfolio containing writing samples, detailed resume, reference letter, and an explanation letter.

Application Procedures

  • To apply for this program, candidates are expected to fulfill the eligibility and program requirements prior to submission of the application form.

Application Timeline

The entry point for this program is as follows:

  • Fall Admission: Rolling (Fall 2018)

Acceptance Rate

  • Out of a total of 132 applicants for the Brandman University online MBA, 131 candidates were accepted and enrolled in the program. Therefore, the acceptance rate of this program is 99%.


Reviews and Ranking

  • Ranked No. 164 (tie) in Best Online MBA Programs
  • Brandman University ranked top 10 among online colleges in California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is Brandman University accredited?

Ans: Yes. The institution has been accredited by the WSCUC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

Q 2: Is it possible for me to combine online learning with onsite learning for this program?

Ans: Yes. Students enrolled in the Brandman University online MBA can opt for a hybrid model of learning which combines virtual classes with in-class learning to optimize the student’s learning experience.

Q 3: How long does it take to complete this program?

Ans: This program can be completed in two years.

Q 4: Are there any veteran benefits?

Ans: Yes. Veterans enrolled in this program enjoy a discount in tuition costs as well as other benefits. It is for this reason that Brandman University ranks number 18 for online and nontraditional universities by Military Times.

Q 5: Does the program require any on-site presence?

Ans: Students of the Brandman University online MBA program can complete the program fully online, without any on-site requirements or demands.

Q 6: Does the program admit candidates without work experience?

Ans: Yes. Work experience is not a prerequisite for admission to the online MBA.

Q 7: As a distance learning student am I qualified for the student loan?

Ans: Most students of nationally accredited universities in the US can access different forms of financial aid. There are scholarships, student loans, and grants to support students in their studies. Access to these funding opportunities is however subject to eligibility. The University also offers fellowships and graduate assistantships to deserving students.

Q 8: Do I need to write an application essay?

Ans: No. Though this is a requirement for some online MBA’s, it is not a prerequisite at Brandman.

Q 9: Do I need to submit a recommendation letter?

Ans: No. Applicants do not need to present professional letters of recommendation.

Q 10: What is the minimum TOEFL score for this program?

Ans: The English Language requirement for this program is not specified by the university.

Contact Information

  • Central Administration
  • Phone:   (949) 341-9800
  • 16355 Laguna Canyon Road
  • Irvine, CA 92618
  • Andy Lecompte
  • (800) 746-0082
  • [email protected]

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