Data Analytics edX – The Very Best Courses

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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses on edX

Over the years, it has been observed that data analytics can help a business in making informed decisions. Data science can be used to determine the feasibility as well as the relevance of the models that a company is using at present.

Data is a strong pillar of the digital age. You can learn how these new and huge data sources are being organized, analyzed and interpreted. Data gives meaningful information to enhance better decision making.

Free Data Analytics edX courses consist of topics such as machine learning, data mining, cloud application, data analysis and quantitative methods, and more.

Below is an extensive list of Data Analytics edX courses that should provide you the ability to become a proficient data scientist, or at least, get started on that road:

Data Science Essentials

Experience the concepts of visual representation of data and data mining with capable experts and get introduced to machine learning.

About this course

This course is part of Microsoft’s Professional Certificate in Data Science.
Demand for talent in data science is growing.

In this course, you get to learn the major concepts of collecting data, preparation of the data collected, research, and data visualization as well as practical application-oriented examples such as cloud computing solutions using Microsoft Azure Learning environment, or preferably with R and Python in Azure stack.

Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics

Find out how statistics play a significant role in approaching the science of data.

About this course

This course on statistics and data analysis will open the mathematical foundation for our data science discussion.

You will acquire knowledge on how data scientists carry out statistical thinking in data collection plan, receive information from the visual representation of data, gather evidence for data-based decisions, and build models to forecast future trends from data.

Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics

Acquire the principles of machine learning and also the importance of algorithms.

About this course

The field of using Machine Learning to search the web, post ads, credit scoring, trading stock and for more other applications is growing very fast.
This course of data science is an introduction to machine learning.

You will generate a fundamental knowledge of machine learning principles and draw practical solutions through predictive analysis. We will also observe why algorithms play a significant role in a Big Data analysis.

Analytics for Decision Making

Discover fundamental concepts that support contemporary data science and learn to analyze different types of data and quality to make smart business decisions.

About this course

Making right data decisions can give you a clear competitive advantage in your business. This course of statistics and data analysis will help you understand the fundamental conceptions of sound statistical thinking that should be applied in surprisingly broad contexts, sometimes even before there are data.

In this course, theoretical concepts will be highlighted, such as understanding variance, the relative perception of risk of alternative decisions, and identification of various sources.

Big Data Analytics

Learn critical technologies and techniques, including R and Apache Spark, to analyze large data sets and discover valuable business insights.

About this course

Acquire essential skills in today’s digital storage, processing, and analysis of information for business decision making.

In this course, you will improve your awareness of big data analysis and also enhance your programming skills and math. You will acquire knowledge on how to use essential analytical tools such as Apache Spark and R to aid better decision making.

By the end of this course, with creativity and initiative, you will be able to handle problems with large-scale data.

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