How Much Does An Online MBA Cost? Tuition, Fee (and more)

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How much does an online MBA cost

Online MBA Cost Comparison


Let’s face it; earning an online MBA is an investment that would cost you both time and money. An online MBA is not as expensive as most people think; yet, the investment will surely pay off after graduation. If you are seeking to know the average cost of an online MBA, then this article was curated with you in mind.

The cost of earning an MBA degree varies across the United States depending on the type of university (whether it is privately or publicly owned), the school’s reputation, accreditation status, as well as the type of online MBA program (whether accelerated or flexible program).

Regardless of the program you finally settle for, ensure you choose a university that is recognized by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and regionally accredited by relevant agencies.

To help you make an informed decision, this article will focus on the top MBA programs and their respective tuition costs. 

Average Online MBA Tuition Cost

The table below shows the average tuition of earning an online MBA degree. The cost is estimated between 48 and 63 credit hours.  

Online MBA Universities Tuition Cost
University of North Carolina $115,578.36
Indiana University $67,930
Arizona State University $60,500
University of Florida $58,000
Temple University $59,860
North Carolina State University $74,555.20
Carnegie Mellon University $115,000
University of Maryland $89,102
University of Southern California $108,595
University of Texas-Dallas                                                           $49,531-$84016
Pepperdine University $96,040
University of Massachusetts – Amherst $35,288
Emory University $110,000
Babson College $87,025
University of Minnesota $78,575
Pennsylvania State University $56,880
University of Wisconsin-Madison $26,000
Purdue University $85,000
James Madison University $37,800
University of Miami $84,320
George Washington University $97,957
Hofstra University $77,600
Ball State University $18,300
University of Nebraska – Lincoln $30,240
Northeastern University $78,000
Harvard University $49,500
University of Utah  $58,800
Villanova University  $65,365
University of the Cumberlands  $9,900
Auburn University  $34,125
Washington State University  $27,891
University of Delaware  $39,600
Ole Miss  $25,200
University of Southern Mississippi  $19,092
Drake University  $27,300
Oklahoma State University  $20,000
UW-Whitewater Online $22,968
University Of South Florida $32,664
University of Tennessee  $21,546
Suny Oswego  $36,585
University of Arizona $45,000
The University of Nevada, Reno  $30,000
University of North Dakota $19,152
West Texas A&M University $14,400
Colorado State University $51,700
Florida Atlantic University $32,000
Stevens Institute of Technology  $68,988
Umass Lowell  $19,200
University of Denver  $63,360
Boise State University  $36,750
Louisiana State University $46,000
LSU Shreveport  $12,474
Missouri S&T $43,200
Central Michigan University $22,000
Creighton University $36,300
Southern illinois University $35,868
University of Colorado  $30,000
Drexel Online MBA Tuition, Concentration, Fees, requirements $65,000
Mercer University  $26,640
Quinnipiac University  $43,010
Rutgers University $52,752
University of Cincinnati  $14,533
University of Kansas $35,700
Old Dominion University $20,920
Samford University $30,000
Tennessee Tech $42,420
University of Michigan Dearborn $56,448
Cleveland State University  $35,000
Arkansas State University  $16,470
Abilene Christian University $25,200
Albertus Magnus College $43,296
American InterContinental University $27,936
Anderson University, Indiana $20,905
Anderson University, South Carolina $16,020
Angelo State University $18,870
Ashland University $29,500
Baker University $22,110
Baylor University (Hankamer) $51,264
Belhaven University $19,800
Bethel University $30,366
Brandman University $23,760
Brenau University $30,825
Bryan College $20,700
California Baptist University $24,000
California State University–Dominguez Hills $16,401
California State University–San Bernardino $36,000
California State University–Stanislaus $27,600
California University of Pennsylvania $27,864
Cameron University $14,025
Campbellsville University $14,370
Cardinal Stritch University $23,400
Cedarville University $21,456
Chatham University $33,480
City University of Seattle $43,248
Clarion University of Pennsylvania $23,073
Colorado Christian University $21,645

Other Fees To Look Out For

In addition to the above tuition fees, the following are some common fees you will likely encounter in your journey to earning an online MBA.

  • Application Fee: During the application process, most universities levy what is known as an application fee. Application fee varies, but on average, it costs around $65-$75
  • Registration Fee: This fee is charged every semester to register students. On average, the registration fee for most universities is $47.
  • Technology Fee: This fee is payable every semester to cover for the maintenance of technology services such as online course management systems, email, internet access, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, Antivirus Software, a recent operating system, speakers or headphones, microphones, printers, webcams, and DVD players. It varies and cost between $75-250
  • Deposit Fee: This fee is non-refundable and payable at the beginning of a session. It typically costs around $1,000.
  • Books And Other Materials Costs: Some universities include the cost of textbooks and other learning materials in the tuition fees; others may require students to purchase their learning materials. For instance, Temple University requires students to spend about $100 in the purchase of textbooks.
  • Residence Program Expenses: Although classes, coursework, and assignments are done online, some universities require that students attend workshop programs or on-campus residency, which in most cases span between 3 to 7 days. For instance, Penn State doesn’t charge for residency and meal, but they don’t provide transportation.
  • Global Immersion Experiences: Many universities offer online MBA students global immersion experiences, like a trip abroad to network or interact with captains of industries. For instance, the University of Florida charges students an average of $4,400 to cover transportation, accommodation, and meal.

If you have any questions, please ask us here – we answer every single query of students. 

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