Online MBA – What to Do After Graduation?

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What to Do After Graduation

Landing a Job After an Online MBA Degree


Graduating from an online MBA program can open doors to a lot of opportunities, from logistics to finance and real estate. Yet, getting a high-paying job after graduation is not a tea party. 

Before you take your final examinations, ensure you align your career prospects with your academic curriculum.  In this article, we will take a look at how to find a job after graduation and also offer a few tips on how to curate your resume to maximize your chances of getting employed.

How to Find a Job After Graduation

If you are out of a job and you just completed your online MBA, securing a new job after graduation is not easy unless you have an already established business to fall back to. However, if you search the right places, you could be lucky to land a high-paying job. 

Where to Start

While in your final year, you can start searching the following places;

1. Your School’s Career Center

  • The most university career center offers job opportunities for their MBA graduates. For example, the University of Washington’s career management office offers MBA grandaunts internship and conferences opportunity. 

2. Career Coaching And Workshops

  • Most times, career coaches are usually former students of the university. As an MBA graduate, you can take advantage of career coaching and workshops organized by professionals to network with them on possible job openings. 
  • These professionals have a strong background and are highly connected with Chief Executive Officers of big industries.    

3. Networking Events

  • Another place to explore for possible job placement is networking events. According to an article published on “Balance Careers”, over 60% of MBA jobs are secured through networking. 
  • During your online MBA program, you can make out time to attend networking events, especially the ones organized by industries and professional organizations. 

4. Career Fairs And Forums

  • Similar to networking events, career fairs and forums would allow you to meet with potential recruiters and employers. You can use this opportunity to network with potential recruiters and also seek professional advice regarding your qualifications and employment expectations. 

5. Alumni

  • School alumni are important resources for you to leverage. This is because they have the experience and firsthand information on how to position yourself to land a job. Also, some schools’ alumni have a job portal where job seekers can browse through different job opportunities. 

An MBA Graduate Resume Checklist

An MBA graduate resume should generally be easy to read, descriptive, and concise. Recruiters take around 30 seconds to scan through a job seeker’s resume to determine his/her suitability for a job opening.  This resume checklist will help you to align your resume with what recruiters what.

Tip 1: Keep Your Resume to a Single Page

  • Recruiters and employers don’t have all the time in the world to navigate through different pages of a resume. Therefore, maintain a one-page resume

Tip 2: Don’t Clutter Your Resume

  • Try as much as possible not to clutter your resume with too much information. Make it easy to read and concise.

Tip 3: Use Formatting and Hierarchies

  • Along with tip number 2 above, using bullets, formatting (underlined and bold), and subheads will make your resume clean, clear, and succinct. 

Tip 4: List of Accomplishments Instead of Highlighting Your Duties

  • For your resume to stand out, you need to demonstrate how your skills and abilities benefited your previous employers. Potential recruiters will use this information to measure whether or not you are a perfect fit for the job

Tip 5: Demonstrate Your Worth

  • Ensure you curate a resume that meets the requirements and skills of the job opening.

Tip 6: Use Action Verbs

  • Use strong action verbs to capture the recruiter’s attention. For example, use a term such as “Conserved” instead of saying “saved the company’s money”

Tip 7: Whenever Possible Use Numbers And Figures

  • When highlighting your successes or accomplishments, endeavor to use percentages or figures where possible. 

Tip 8: Make Your Job Objective Specific

  •  Job seekers are fond of making the mistake of writing vague job objectives. Instead of writing general job objectives, focus on the recruiters’ needs and how you would be a great fit.   

Tip 9: State Your highest Educational qualification at the “Education Section”

  • We have seen instances where job seekers state their MBA degrees at the end of the education section. This is a wrong practice, as potential recruiters won’t quickly notice it.
  • If you are yet to complete the online MBA, clearly state your expected date of graduation.

If you have any questions, please ask us here – we answer every single query of students.

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