[Definitive] Stern School MBA – Cost, Scholarship, Requirements

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Tepper School of Business MBA
Credit: Janko Ferlič

Stern School of Business MBA


  • The Stern School of Business MBA program provides you with a managed structural system that will help you understand the complex business market of today. New York is a great place to learn at and the opportunities are limitless.
  • There is a great focus on Stern to develop exceptional students who have the intellectual strength to inspire others and work with them to achieve their common goals.
  • People from all over the world come to study at Stern School of Business in New York. So, you will be studying with people from various mindsets and get to study in a dynamic environment.
  • The MBA program offered at Stern School of Business is available for both Full-Time students and Part-Time students.

List of Courses Offered

The entire MBA program at Stern School of Business can be completed within 2 years. The courses provided at Stern are divided into the 2 years as mentioned below:

First Year:

There are 2 required cores for the first year at Stern that are mentioned below:

  1. Statistics & Data Analysis
  2. Financial Accounting & Reporting

Furthermore, there are 7 menu cores from which you are required to complete 5 of your own choice. These menu cores are stated below:

  1. The Global Economy
  2. Strategy
  3. Firms & Markets
  4. Leadership in Organizations
  5. Marketing
  6. Foundations of Finance
  7. Operations Management

Second Year:

  • In the second year at Stern, you get to increase your proficiency through a CPA or a proficiency exam.
  • You get to select up to a total of three specializations
  • You get to choose from 200 electives.
  • You get to be a part of the Doing Business In (DBi) course in 10 different locations.


  • The entire MBA program offered at Stern School of Business consists of a total of 60 credit hours and the target time for a student to complete the program is 2 years.

Cost Structure 

  • The cost of tuition is the same for both local and international students. You can expect to pay about $71,676 per year at Stern.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Academic background: All applicants must have a bachelor’s degree of 4 years (In some cases this can be a 3-year degree) from an accredited university.
  • Work Experience: A professional work resume is not required to be admitted by applicants. However, a work resume can have a great influence during the evaluation of your application
  • Language: All international applicants are required to submit a language test score. The Stern School of Business accepts the TOEFL and IELTS.


  • The New York University, Stern School of Business is proud to be an accredited member of AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) International, the accreditation agency for Schools of Business worldwide.


  • Stern was ranked#5 for Business School by U.S. News and World Report
  • Stern MBA program was ranked#11 worldwide by The Economist
  • Stern MBA program was ranked#12 in the U.S. and #19 worldwide by Financial Times
  • Stern was ranked#3 for Undergraduate Marketing Program by U.S. News and World Report

GMAT Requirements

  • All applicants must provide a GMAT score or a GRE score. There is no minimum score requirement for both the GMAT and GRE test. The average GMAT score of students at Stern is very high at 716.

Class Profile

  • 61% of students are New York residents while 39% of students are from different countries worldwide.
  • The average GMAT score is very high at 716.
  • An average student holds a GPA of 3.45.
  • The average age of a student is 28 years.
  • 65% of students are male and the remaining 35% of students are female.
  • 96% of students have previous work experience and average work experience of a student at Stern is 5.3 years.


  • Scholarships are provided to the most deserving students at Stern. Nearly 20% of the students at Stern receive a merit-based scholarship.
  • Dean’s Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to some of the best students at Stern. This scholarship covers all the tuition fee of the student. Also, these students get to meet and discuss their career with Dean Sundaram.
  • Fertitta Veterans Scholarship: The Fertitta Scholarship for veterans is provided to the American veterans who have served their country. This scholarship can reduce the tuition cost to $30,00 per year.

Application Procedure

  • You can apply to the Stern School of Business online by using this link.
  • Provide the required information before submitting this online form.
  • Once, you have submitted this form you will be contacted by the official team at Stern.
  • They will provide you with detailed guidelines on how to submit your application material.
  • Follow these guidelines carefully to successfully submit your application.

Application Timeline

The deadlines are mentioned below:

  • 1st Deadline for submission of application is    October 15, 2018.
  • 2nd Deadline for submission of application is November 15, 2018.
  • 3rd Deadline for submission of application is    January 15, 2019.
  • 4th Deadline for submission of application is March 15, 2019.

Acceptance Rate

  • Acceptance rate is very low at 23%. So, you will need above average application material if you want to be one of the applicants who gets accepted at Stern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How many applicants apply to Stern?

Ans: The number of applicants at Stern varies every year. Last year over 3000 applicants applied to Stern for their MBA program and only 23% of these applicants were accepted.

Q 2: Do I need to take the GMAT?

Ans: Yes, you must submit a GMAT or GRE score when you’re submitting your application in order for your application to be evaluated. The average GMAT score at Stern is very high at 716. So make sure that you have a good GMAT score.

Q 3: What are the TOEFL/IELTS requirements?

Ans: Only the international applicants are required to provide a score of either TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or a score of IELTS.

Q 4: Are there any benefits for veterans?

Ans: Yes, veterans are eligible for the Fertitta Veterans Scholarship which can reduce the total tuition amount significantly. The Fertitta Veterans Scholarship can reduce the tuition amount to about $30,000 per year which is less than half the actual cost of tuition at Stern which is $71,676 per year.

Contact Information

  • Mailing Address:
  • Henry Kaufman Management Center
  • 44 West Fourth Street
  • New York, NY 10012
  • Phone: (212) 998-0100
  • Email: [email protected]

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