University of Nevada Online MBA Cost, Ranking (and more)

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University of Nevada, Reno Online MBA

University of Nevada (UNR)Online MBA Cost, Ranking and More

University of Nevada, Reno Online MBA Details
Course offered Online MBA
Stream/Concentrations Statistics for Decision Making, Production/Operations Management, etc.
Duration 2 years
Total Cost $30,000
Accreditation AACSB
Entrance exam/GMAT Score A score above 544 on GMAT or 151 on GRE
TOEFL/IELTS Scores 550 for paper-based and 79 for the internet-based test, IELTS score 6.5 or above
Work ex required At least five years of professional work experience
Eligibility A 4-year bachelor’s degree in any major is required
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The University of Nevada, Reno brings you the perfect opportunity to advance your career with an online Master’s degree in Business Accounting. It is ranked among the top institutions in many national rankings.

The EMBA is custom-tailored for motivated professionals looking to advance their careers at a fast pace. It is a rigorous two-year degree that requires at least 10 hours of commitment each week for research, course assignments, and discussion.

The program is delivered in cohorts. As such, you will move through the curriculum together with every other student in the same group. This will allow you to discuss and build a supportive relationship with your colleagues.

Social feedback is an integral part of any productive learning environment, and the 96% graduation rate of this program could be attributed to this fact.

List of Courses Offered

You need to earn 36 credit hours to graduate. These are divided between the core courses and the breadth courses.

The first part is the core courses. These are 7 classes worth 3 credit hours each for a total of 21 credit hours. The core courses are:

  • BADM 700 – Statistics for Decision Making
  • BADM 701 – Production/Operations Management
  • BADM 710 – Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • BADM 720 – Management and Organizational Science
  • BADM 730 – Economics of the Firm
  • BADM 741 – Financial Management
  • BADM 760 – Marketing Management

Breadth courses form the second part of your classes. These are 5 classes worth 3 credit hours each for a total of 15 credit hours. The breadth courses:

  • BADM 711 –  Seminar Managerial Accounting
  • BADM 726 – Personal Branding
  • BADM 728 – Managing Organizations in a Global Economy
  • BADM 750 – Information and Communications Technology in Organizations
  • BADM 781 – Strategic Management for Executives


The College of Business Online MBA is very rigorous and recommended for those who want to earn their degree at the earliest. All candidates are required to finish the coursework within 2 years.

However, this program has an astonishingly high rate of graduation at 96%. This might be the program for you if you are motivated and can dedicate a lot of hours every week.

Cost Structure

Whether in-state or otherwise, tuition fees are the same for all candidates. Each credit hour costs $833. With 36 credit hours needed to graduate, you can complete the entire program at the cost of around $30,000.

College-funded aid is not provided in any form. This might explain the low percentage of graduates with debt, standing at only 31%. The average indebtedness of 2016-2017 alumni was found to be only $19,005. This is much lower than many other programs. Interestingly, 28% of all students were sponsored by their employers.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Academic background: A 4-year bachelor’s degree in any major is required. The minimum acceptable undergraduate GPA is 2.75.
  • Work Experience: At least five years of professional work experience is required. More is preferred.
  • Prerequisite Coursework: Unlike most universities, UDel does not require any prerequisite coursework for their MBA program.
  • Language: Only international students are required to take language exams. For TOEFL, the minimum acceptable score is 550 for paper-based and 79 for the internet-based test. You need 6.5 or above in the case of IELTS. Language exams can be waived for students who previously earned degrees from any institution in the U.S, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the U.K.

Class Profile and Potential Salary

  • The average age of new entrants is 37, which is slightly above average.
  • Male students accounted for the majority at 60.6%. Female students made up the remaining 39.4%.
  • There were no international students in the last year’s classes.
  • Upon graduation, most of the alumni found a job within their first year at an average salary of $69,500 annually.

GMAT Requirements and Scores

  • Applicants are required to submit the results of either GMAT or GRE.
  • The entrance-exam score report must not be older than 5 years old.
  • Although there is no set minimum score, you are expected to score above 544 on GMAT or 151 on GRE.
  • GMAT can be waived for candidates that hold a master’s degree or higher.
  • Candidates holding a professional degree also qualify for the waiver.
  • GMAT can also be waived on the basis of an active CPA, CFP, CMA, or PE license.

Application Procedures

  • You can apply for The University of Nevada, RENO online MBA program through their official website at
  • Make sure you have all the necessary information and documents before applying. Once everything is in order, head on to the above URL. You will be required to register for an account.
  • Once you’re registered, you will be guided throughout the entire application process. Follow the instructions and provide all the information carefully.
  • Upon completion of your application, it will be submitted to the admissions department. You will be notified through email once a decision has been made on your application.

Application Timeline

If you want to enroll in the fall term, then you must submit your application before the 1st of June. It is highly recommended for international students to apply at least a month before the deadline. Be sure to attach all the necessary documents.

Acceptance Rate

According to, all 31 of the applicants were accepted into this program. Anyone will be hard-pressed to fail the admission at this acceptance rate of 100%.


Online MBA programs at the University of Nevada–Reno are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the gold standard of business school accreditation.

Reviews and Ranking

  • Ranked as the Top Online Graduate Program by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Ranked No. 36 in The Best Online Programs in 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is financial aid available for international students at the University of Nevada?

Ans: Assistance is not provided for any students, regardless of international or otherwise.

Q 2: How much time will I need to invest in this program?

Ans: According to the university itself, you should expect to spend around 10-12 hours each week on assignments, research, and discussions.

Q 3: What is the minimum GMAT or GRE score for the University of Nevada online MBA?

Ans: There is no set minimum score. However, a score of 544+ on GMAT or a score of 151+ on GRE is preferred.

Q 4: Is there any option to waive the GMAT or GRE exam?

Ans: Generally, entrance exams are mandatory. However, exceptions might be made in case the applicant holds an accredited graduate or professional degree. You should contact the admissions department in this regard.

Q 5: Does the program have any on-campus presence?

Ans: You will not be required to step foot on the campus as the program is delivered online. This is common across the vast majority of online MBA programs.

If you have any questions, please us here – we answer every single query of students.

Contact Information

  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • 1664 N. Virginia Street, Reno 89557
  • Kambiz Raffiee
  • Associate Dean and Director of the Program

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