What To Expect in Your Online MBA? Tips, Workload and More

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What to expect in your online MBA

What to Expect in Your Online MBA? Things to Lookout for Your Online MBA Journey!


Once you have successfully gained online MBA admission to your dream school, the next thing that would naturally come to your mind is what to expect in the program. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top ten (10) things to expect in an online MBA program in no particular order.

1. Classmates From Various Industries

The first major thing to expect in an online MBA class is that those that would make up the class are from various industries and backgrounds. From healthcare, medicine to information technology and business – in fact, the list of the industry is endless.

According to experts, an online MBA student with a sales and marketing background would approach a business-related problem differently from those of medical or information technology background. This diversity would help you to solve business-related problems in unique ways.

2. Experienced Peers

Another thing to expect in an online MBA program is that you would be networking with experienced peers. According to the available records and class profiles of most high-ranking MBA programs, students have at least eight years of work experience in their various disciplines. 

3. Broad Networking Opportunities

Students who pursue an online MBA are more likely to enjoy networking opportunities, either in-person or virtually. This is not the case with the traditional MBA programs, as students live locally.

4. Face-to-Face Components

Let’s face it; a few online MBA programs require students to travel long distances to campus or school sites. For example, the Bloomington Kelley School of Business requires students to visit the Bloomington campus to meet and network with faculty members.

Another university that also practices on-campus visitation is Carnegie Mellon University. They make it compulsory for online MBA students to visit campus on weekends to study learning materials together with their faculty members.

5. Student Groups And Clubs

Joining student groups or clubs is something you should also expect in an online MBA program. These groups or clubs are strictly career-focused and communication is often done virtually.

At the Bloomington Kelley School of Business, online MBA students are expected to join at least two different groups, including venture capital and entrepreneurship. In addition, these groups might even help you to secure membership in professional organizations.

6. Travel Opportunities

One good thing to expect in an online MBA program is the possibility of international travel. In some online MBA programs, students are encouraged to make international travel to network with captains of industries.  While on a foreign trip, online MBA students are expected to explore the country and learn business trends. 

In 2013, it was reported that online MBA students of ASU visited the Nike headquarters in Vietnam and the Airbus headquarters in Grace.  Similarly, online MBA students of the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill signed up for immersion in Istanbul and Mumbai.

7. Virtual Group Work

According to experts, online MBA students should expect to participate in virtual group coursework and assignments through the use of VoIP services like Skype, Telegram, Zoom, WhatsApp, or videoconferencing. Plus, students would virtually give presentations and develop business plans.

8. Both Live and Self-Paced Learning

An Online MBA program is a blend of self-paced and live learning.  Experts say that the benefit of this delivery method goes beyond the flexibility of completing assignments and coursework on your own accord but would also enable you to understand today’s virtual workplaces.

9. About Two Years’ Worth of Coursework

Online MBA duration largely depends on the program type and the institution of your choice.  However, on average, you should expect to devote two years to virtual coursework, assignments, presentations, and discussions.  This means several hours each week would be used for learning.

10. Opportunities to Specialize

Online MBA programs offer an opportunity for you to specialize in any field within business education. So, if you want a career change, an online MBA would be an ideal medium for you. 

For instance, at FSU, you can specialize in real estate. Fox is another great institution offering ten specializations for its online MBA students to choose from.

If you have any questions, please ask us here – we answer every single query of students.

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