Wrong Questions In CAT 2010

Are you one of those students who faced the ire of wrong questions in CAT. If this is so then you can read the plight of students like you over here and see what the conveyor of the exam had to say about the same.

Why This Sudden Post??

Well, some students have reported that certain questions were wrong in the cat 2011 paper that they faced. Most of the students raised their fingers against LR/DI but some had their apprehensions against Quant too.

What will happen now?

If the allegations are found true then as per the post on Pagalguy, every individual will be awarded marks for that particular question. You can read more about that on the link that we have placed above.

Will it be fair?

Sadly, no!! From whichever angle you look at, it can never be fair. We say this based on these two scenarios

1) Only those who attempted the questions will be awarded the marks…

Now there can very well be the case where a student read it, solved it but did not attempt it. Now that student will loose out marks not only for this question but would have wasted time (a very crucial element in exams such as these) on that question.

2) If marks are awarded to everyone (which we believe is more likely scenario)

If this happens then the students who did not spend time on such questions and left them would be the happiest lot and those who did would be compromised to certain extent.

So as we see it, things don’t look pretty. For now, a probe has been ordered into the same and let’s just wait as to how things chart out in the future.

What do you think about CAT 2011, please leave your comments below.

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