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XAT 2010 Paper

XAT 2010 Paper, just like its previous year papers tested the nerve and grit of the aspirants to the very core. As expected, the paper was tough and given the fact that CAT had gone online, the competition had gone up slightly than before.


The XAT 2010 paper had three sections and followed the same approach as before in this respect. But as we know that XAT is one of the most unpredictable papers of all, the same tradition was carried forward in 2010 too. The biggest surprise was the marking pattern. Instead of the normal strategy (well the normal of XAT isn’t normal as it is) was tweaked with leverage given for negative marking. While the first few questions had 1/5th negative mark, the rest had 1/4th. Check in the paper to confirm this, it’s already attached below (we are too lazy for this).


The LR section was as usual tough but it had its scoring options. One particular set woven around XLRI itself was doable and so were the smaller sets of the paper. The decision sets were moderately difficult and should have been attempted for sure. The only catch with this segment is that you can never be sure if you are right or not. The final answer of the paper setters could be different from those given by the coaching institutes too and just like English; the answers tend to be precarious.

Choosing the Ethical Path (Wow…learning ethics in one day) is always advised and some common sense can help you tide over these type of questions. Another book being compounded is 101 Ethical Dilemmas, and it is slated that XAT picks up some of its question from there. It won’t be a bad idea to go through that if you are a hard core XL/XIMB/GIM aspirant.

About English – Don’t we love just this section of XAT! If you ask us on a personal level, we think that the content of English in the XAT paper is much better than CAT and agonizingly tough. Only the students with really good English skills can hope to clear the cut off. The XAT 2010 Paper had something similar of offer. It talked about Matrix (yes, the movie) etc. It had short RCs with difficult questions.

Unlike previous year, the figure of speech section was missing this year in this section but it is worthwhile to do that for XAT.

For Quant, well, it’s the same as CAT but for the presence of certain questions from Higher Mathematics. The good thing is that you can clear the cut off even if you do not know higher mathematics. However, the higher mathematics questions have a tendency to be on an easier side (that is if you know that level of mathematics).

You can download the XAT 2010 paper over here and read more about the same over here.   If you have a slow connection, the XAT 2010 paper will take some time to load, so please be patient.

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